Retirement news and what it means for my clients.

Having practised in Aylesbury as a Sole Practitioner for 40 years the time has come for me to retire.

My practice has now closed as of 28 September 2023.

What it means for you

Wills and Securities

If I am holding your Will or any other securities we have three options.

I have reached an arrangement with a firm called Myerson Solicitors who will hold your Will for you, without charge.

Alternatively, you can ask me to send your Will (or securities) to another law firm.

Finally, you can collect them from me (producing appropriate identification).

If I am an Executor of your Will, I can continue in that capacity or I will renounce my appointment, if asked.

Outstanding matters at the Land Registry

Following completion of your transaction I am waiting for the Land Registry to conclude its registration. The legal profession is experiencing long delays at the Registry, but they have promised to expedite applications for me and I expect them to complete in time. If they do complete I will be able to close my file.

If they do not complete in time, again Myerson Solicitors will receive your file. They will conclude matters, confirm with you that all is done and will retain your file - in fact they will be storing all of the files that I cannot yet destroy and have a duty to retain for a period of time.

If you are not happy with this arrangement please let me know quickly and to whom you wish me to pass your file. There is a form of authority which I must ask you to complete.

Download Form of Authority

If I hold any other securities for you they too will be passed to Myerson, unless you wish to collect them from me.

Current Instructions

If I am acting for you at the moment and it seems unlikely the matter will complete by the time I retire then it is in your interest that I pass my file to another firm to conclude your instructions as quickly as possible.

Myerson Solicitors have the expertise and capacity to look after you.

If you wish to instruct someone else please tell me and I will send them my file.

In either case I will need to prepare a note of my fees not already invoiced and, in some circumstances, they will have to be paid before I can release my file when a suitable arrangement has been reached.

It has been my absolute privilege to offer legal services to our clients in Aylesbury and the wider area over the past 40 years and my loyal staff join me in thanking you all.

Paul Lucas and my loyal staff.