Programs we offer


  • 3 Day Program

For the 3 day program, as named, it is one hour classes, covered over three days. Students will learn to program a robot to drive forward, backward, left and right. By the end of this one-hour introductory class, students will be able to successfully navigate a simple maze course.

  • 4 Day Program

The 4 day program offers the same hour duration classes over a period of 4 days, encompassing more information and more time with the robots. Students learn to incorporate sensors (light and touch) to identify objects that may be in the way and to find consistent positions to successfully complete the maze. The students learn how light registered by the light sensor is converted into numerical data, allowing the robot to follow, or find lines. (Prerequisite: Basic Course)

  • Customized Program

This is a specialized class in which we help you design the class around the students' curriculum. These classes can be touched up and edited to fit your desired syllabus subjects. Doing this class offers a more of in depth view of the STEM work that you would like the students to complete. Customizable classes may take more time to prepare, but provides more information.

  • Recycling Program

Recycling is something that is becoming increasingly important to secure our clean future. Understanding robotics and technology is also in today's modern way of life. Using biodegradable and recyclable products, we teach the separation of trash and recycling that instills an essential understanding of clean garbage. All of this provides the students with skills that can help them in the future, and even today. While this program is still in the works, we are excited to announce that the debut of this class is coming up very soon.

  • WeDo2.0

WeDo2.0 is a new program we offer that is a simplistic view of robots. Still being a hands on class, this is very helpful for younger students; k-4. In this class version it is a single motor robot, with simple controls, and is backwards compatible. This is the easiest way for any age to understand the basics of robots.

EV3 Lego Robot