Leaders of Color

The purpose of this website to to host a space where materials can be shared and the participants of the Educational Leaders of Color Forum Series have a place to connect and unite as a coalition of stakeholders, working to support rising leaders of color in education.

History of TAF - Martinez Fellowship Program

Since 2008, Martinez Fellowship Program has been committed to improving the retention of teachers of color in WA state. In 2015, Technology Access Foundation began operating the Martinez Fellowship Program and continued to develop ways to best support educators of color. Traditionally, our programming has been aimed at supporting teachers of color in their master programs and as they pass through their first few years of teaching. We have offered professional development, networking opportunities and a supportive community.

As our group of Martinez Fellows has matured as educators, so have their needs. We now notice that our teachers, particularly those who have taught for a number of years, are grappling with how to effect broader change in our system. We have Fellows navigating their way through administrative and instructional support roles, Fellows who are initiating diversity and equity efforts in their schools and districts and Fellows who are taking the steps to connect their schools with their communities.

The Martinez Fellowship Program is now on the path to developing a new effort that will target and support rising educational leaders of color in WA State. We believe that as educational leadership becomes stronger and more diverse, we will see an improvement in the retention of teachers of color as well as in the outcomes we realize with students.

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