TEC Analytics Project


TEC Analytics is a project that supports educators across Massachusetts to cooperate and share best practices in the development of common reports and visualizations using the free technology within your Google Domain.

TEC Analytics supports districts in the pursuit of a full data infrastructure that incorporates data from student information systems, state reports, assessment platforms, and other educational apps. TEC Analytics facilitates pulling all these data silos together by building and maintaining a suite of data visualizations and reports which allow schools to start telling learning stories with their data.

Everything is customizable to your district's needs. Everything. There is no software to install or maintain. All of your data is secure within your Google Domain. You own all of the data and have easy access to it. Reports can be personalized to your own district's needs.

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SIS & LMS Integration

Pull and organize data from virtually any SIS, LMS, third-party service, and files.

Longitudinal Data

House multiple years of data so you can go back to any "moment" in time with just one click.

Early Warnings

Track key-performance indicators, identifies trends, and generates alerts so no student falls behind.

Data Visualizations

Visualize data via interactive widgets, report libraries, and cutting-edge report builders.

Security & Privacy

All of the trusted security of your Google Domain is utilized to keep your data and analytics secure.


Manage standards-based assessments from item authoring, to test creation, administration, and reporting.


Allow for teams to supplement their decisions by having conversations and uploading files to social logs.