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Shaboom! is an animated series for Jewish kids and the people who love them.

Shaboom! combines the very best elements of children’s television with wisdom from Jewish traditions to teach everyday values through magic, comedy and silly songs... Learn about everyday values like gratitude, saying I’m sorry, and helping others, plus Hebrew vocabulary words!

Learn the lyrics to common Jewish songs and prayers with our karaoke-style videos.

Born in new jersey and raised at summer camp, jason has drawn on his own experiences as a child to bring a new sound and style to the world of accessible family music.

Arts & Crafts

Enjoy our do-it-yourself Jewish craft and cooking videos for kids of all ages!


If you're stuck inside and need some quick activities!

Passover Resources

Passover Haggadah Activity sheets.pdf

Passover Haggadah Jewish Activity Book

Activities for kids ages 3-5

TEECC Passover Songs.pdf

Passover Songs

Activities for kids ages 3-5

Sing Together

TEECC Shabbat Songs.pdf

Shabbat Song Sheet

Lyrics to all your favorite Shabbat songs.