Another successful race!

We couldn't have asked for better weather and we were fortunate enough to have Ava in attendance too!

We set another record for money raised!!!

Our previous record was last year ($12,500), but thanks to everyone involved we were able to write a check for $15,000 this year to help out Ava and her family. That brings our inception to date number very close to $120,000.

Thank you everyone for coming out. Thank you Sponsors. Thank you Donors. Thank you everyone!!

Race Results can be found HERE

Last Updated 07/25/2022

TEAM JENNY emerged in 2007 when Jennifer (Gabel) Burroughs was in a life threatening accident. So many people supported Jenny and her family during that difficult time that TEAM JENNY now wants to help other families facing medical hardships

After 13 years

TEAM JENNY has raised over $115,000!