Team Jenny is proud to announce that this year's donation was our largest to date! As always, there are last minute donations, purchases, sponsorship money that comes in the door, which is the reason for the delay in getting out the final number.

We were able to write a check to Jack for $10,350!

That brings our Team Jenny 10 year total to $82,200!!

THANKS!! Hopefully we'll see everyone (plus one more friend) next year.

Race Results are IN!!

2018's Team Jenny recipient was Jack Whitacker. Jack is a two year old from Clyde, Ohio that was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma in his abdomen. He was recently transferred to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Jack is a sweet and smart little guy that is excited to become a big brother in the fall of 2018.

The weather gave us a few scares this year, but when it was all said and done things turned out just fine. A few sprinkles during, but turnout was still great.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everyone involved. Runners, Walkers, Sponsors, Volunteers EVERYONE!!

TEAM JENNY emerged in 2007 when Jennifer (Gabel) Burroughs was in a life threatening accident. So many people supported Jenny and her family during that difficult time that TEAM JENNY now wants to help other families facing medical hardships

After 10 years

TEAM JENNY has raised over $82,000