Art I 2017

Introduction to Art I - Lincoln County High School

The High School Art Curriculum expands on concepts and techniques learned in Middle School Art, while affording students the opportunity to build a portfolio of work that expresses their artistic interests. Students hone compositional skills through design exercises, address a range of art topics to create original work, and discuss the role of visual culture in a globalized world. Students will use a variety of art tools, and learn how to plan, monitor, and evaluate their working process.

Many resources are available to support student learning both in the classroom and available through Google Classroom. Through the entire course students will be introduced to the vocabulary of organizing images and objects to make artistic statements.

Some of the content areas covered include:

· The Elements and Principles of Design

· Observational and expressive drawing techniques

· Relief Printmaking

· Matching color to nature and imagination

· 3D design and sculpture

· Combination techniques that mix media and 2D and 3D

· Group projects and installation art