Andrew Bates

Andrew Bates is a digital journalist working as senior content editor for the Telegraph-Journal in Saint John, New Brunswick. He’s worked as a content editor and producer for the Toronto Star's tablet edition and a reporter at the Fort McMurray Today and the Lac La Biche Post. As a student, he was managing editor, web of the Ubyssey and editor-in-chief of the Phoenix, student newspapers at the University of British Columbia, the Western Bureau Chief at the Canadian University Press, and an intern at the Kelowna Daily Courier and the Today. His work has appeared in the Toronto Sun, Edmonton Sun, Vue Weekly, Vancouver Courier, 24 Hours Vancouver,, papers throughout the QMI Agency and student newspapers across the country.

He was born in a small town and generally moved his way up through Kelowna and to the city in Vancouver. And then Fort McMurray. And then Toronto. And then New Brunswick. Go figure. He loves soccer, 12 minute songs, and people that try hard.