Virtual Learning Navigator

How to use this tool

You can use this tool’s examples, templates, and tips to help you create strong knowledge products and virtual learning experiences for adults. We recommend you get started by looking at the Principles and Insights of Virtual learning and review the Strong Examples of what we already do in virtual learning and knowledge. If you are unsure what structure you want your learning experience to take, start in Step 1 of the Planning Templates section.

Click one of the buttons below or use the navigation on the top to get started. Please note that some of these documents are restricted to Teach For All global organization staff. At this time, we are not able to open all resources on this tool in order to protect privacy.

What strong examples exist of different types of learning experiences?

What insights do we have around virtual learning & knowledge?

Explore planning templates Teach For All staff have used for different learning experience structures.

Resources for keeping your learning experience engaging and learner-centered.

Explore ways to use the Bridge online learning platform for your needs.

Our best tips on designing and facilitating learning experiences for diverse audiences.

Resources for user testing, user interviews, and just making sure things work for your learners.