Walled Lake Central

2021 Virtual Curriculum Night

Welcome to Walled Lake Central's Virtual Curriculum Night! Start with Mr. Meteyer's welcome video. Ask questions using the provided form. Then navigate through the site to "visit" all of your child(ren)'s teachers. Staff members are listed alphabetically on this page or by department using the menu on the left.

Staff Alphabetically

Bloomer, Olivia - Vocal Music

Borders, Tracy - Physical Education

Borgquist, Melissa - English

Brandon, Jeremy - Social Studies

Brenner, Bill - Social Studies

Brough-Gresh, Sandra - Science

Brown, Andrea - Special Services

Catalina, Andrea - Special Services - CI

Caulford, Jennifer - Career Technical Education

Caverly, Jennifer - Counseling

Compton, Robert - Social Studies/Science

Cox, Joseph - Math

Cronk, Marisa - English

Dorfman, Renee - Special Services - CI

Eastman, Shanell - English

Elliott, Shawn - Career Tech

Engler, Christoph - German

Goff, Lisa - Science

Griffin, Laura - Spanish

Hart, Jennifer - Special Services - CI

Hartley, Lindsay - Science

Hebert, Paul (Chip) - English

Hernreich, Paige - Art

Hesano, Brieannna - Special Services

Hodorogea, Maria - ESL

Horan, Maureen - English

Jankowski, Tony - Social Studies

Jastrzab, Lisa - Career Technical Education

Johnesee, Chris - Math

Johnson, Terrence - Counseling

Kantor, Kella - Science

Kattoula, Nancy - Spanish

Klucevek, Jodi - Special Services

Kolon, Liz - Special Services

LaCross, Ken - Science

Lemont, Kenda - Science

Malott, James - Math

Matousek, Laura - Social Studies

Meyers, Stephanie - Career Technical Education

Miller, Nate - Special Services - SXI

Mobley, Lindsey - Math

Nelson, Erika - Spanish

Nuzzi, Leila - French

Ohl, Patrick - Science

Osterman, Rob - Math

Penrod, Jeff - Social Studies

Perusse, Joshua - Special Services

Popofski, Angelo - English

Radin, Katie - Art

Roffi, Michael - Science

Rogers, David - Band

Samal, Paula - Social Studies

Savage, Brian - Physical Education

Schopf, Rob - English

Schumacher, Justin - English

Schumacher, Kristen - English

Sharpe, Joel - Social Studies

Smith, Olivia - Special Services

Spolsky, Charles - Math

Stojkovic, Nebojsa - Math

Swanson, Amanda - Counseling

Taperek, Kristy - Special Services

Tatu, Samantha - Science/Leadership

Teberian, Andrew - Special Services

Tigges, Heidi - Orchestra

Vasquez, Luis - Spanish

Vetere, Kelly - Special Services - TC

Waldorf, Taylor - Math

Wesley, Pamela - Counseling