March Book of the Month

By: Sarah Palushi

Hey readers! As you may or may not know, March is Reading Month, so it’s time to sit back and relax with a good book. This month’s book of the month is...

Summerlost - written by Ally Condie. This book is about the life of Cedar after her brother and father were killed in a car accident. She moves to the town of Iron Creek where she meets Leo, a boy who rides his bike while in a costume. Soon after following Leo, she gets a job at the festival, along with uncovering the mysterious aura surrounding a young Hollywood actress’ death. With everything happening and all the emotion and feelings surrounding Cedar, will she be able to live normally again?

Want more booky goodness? Come to book club in room 203. It’s the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30AM. See Mrs. Labourdette for more details.

March Movie Review

By: Finnegan O'Keefe

This review relates back to my first review of the school year. We are looking at Kiki’s Delivery Service, another Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece. Although this one is much older, being released in 1989! For reference, that’s the same year the Game-Boy was released, and was before the Hubble Space Telescope even launched!

Our last Miyazaki review was for Spirited Away, which was released in 2002 to the United States. That’s a long time to still be making absolute works of art. Anyways, this movie is about a witch. In this world, when witches turn 13, they have to go to another city to train for a year. Our young hero, Kiki, turns thirteen, and flies away to a town by the sea. She meets a nice baker who lets her live in her house. The baker has a great idea. Kiki could fly packages on her broomstick to the local townsfolk for money! With the plan set, she skyrockets away onto her amazing journey.

On the Official List of Awesome Monthly Movies (OLAMM for short) this one gets an A, or 97 percent!

Staying Organized

By: Artyom Yevtushenko

Life as a student is busy. If you’re not organized and you feel like you’re not on top of things, stress can build up. You might end up working late and sleeping less to try to catch up, but this isn’t a good habit for your health. Getting organized for school is all about developing good habits and systems. Through my experiences, I’ve come up with 6 tips that will help students to become more organized, productive, and effective.

1. Write everything down

No one has a perfect memory, and trying to remember everything is stressful. So make a habit of writing down all your events, meetings, ideas, and things you need to do. When you write everything down, you’ll be less anxious because you won’t be relying on your brain as a storage device.

2. Work on one task at time

Multitasking seems like a good idea because you can pretend that you’re working twice as hard. We all get bored of the tasks we’re working on, so jumping about seems more fun.

3. Keep one notebook and one binder for each subject

Take all your notes for one subject in one notebook. When you run out of space, start a new notebook. Label each notebook clearly, e.g. History Notebook 1, History Notebook 2. This will make it easy for you to find the information you need in the future.

4. Spend at least 5 minutes planning your day

Before you start doing your homework or studying for a test, look at your planner first. Take note of all upcoming deadlines, and think about your schedule for the rest of the day.

5. Clear your desk at the end of each day

This only takes a minute to do and prevents clutter from building up. I recommend doing this when you’re done with your homework or studying for the day.

6. Make your bed every morning

It sets the tone for the day and will help you to be more productive overall.

7. Every school night, pack your backpack for a following day

This way, you won’t have to scramble in the morning to pack. Set a reminder on your phone or put a Post-It note on your desk to ensure that you do this every school night.

8. If a task takes two minutes or less to do, do it immediately

The “two-minute rule” was popularized by productivity expert David Allen. When you follow this rule, small tasks don’t pile up and become overwhelming. Things like texting a friend, sending your classmate some information via email, or asking your parents to sign a consent form are all quick tasks that take less than two minutes to complete.

This is a detailed article that might leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially if you’re not already an organized student. So take it one step at a time. Remember that no one is perfect. Your journey as a student is always about progress, not perfection. Start making progress toward becoming an organized and focused student today!

Teacher Poll: Target or Walmart

By: Jason Hall

Target = 91%

Respondents said that Target's quality was better.

Walmart = 9%

Respondents said that Walmart had much lower prices.

Poll: Is McDonald's Healthy?

By: Imani McMichael

I went around asking people if they thought McDonald's was healthy. These are the results i got:

Yes, it is healthy!

Surprisingly, none of the people who responded considered McDonald's to be healthy, despite offering some healthy choices.

No, it isn't healthy!

Out of my responses, 100% of respondents said McDonald's isn't healthy.

Teacher Poll: Lasagna vs. Pizza

By: Imani McMichael


17% of Geisler teachers preferred lasagna over pizza.


83% of Geisler teachers preferred pizza over lasagna.

*However, Mr. Yu responded and said he doesn't like pizza or lasagna. Really!?!

February Book of the Month

By: Sarah Palushi

Hello readers! It’s a new year, and that means new book suggestions! This month’s book of the month is…

The Lightning Queen, written by Laura Resau, is a story told by Mateo’s grandfather, Teo, about a young girl he had met in his village in 1950’s Mexico. Esma, the Gypsy Queen of Lightning, shows up in a dark time of Teo’s life and brings him the color he never knew he needed. But the obstacles won’t stop there, and their friendship is tested. Will time get to them, or is their friendship everlasting?

For more booky-goodness, come to Book Club the first Wednesday of every month in room 203 at 7:30 AM. See Ms. Labourdette for more info!

Movie of the Month

By: Finnegan O'Keefe

With a new year rolling in, my New Year’s resolution is to bring you up to speed with the latest movies! This month’s movie is Spies in Disguise, a movie about a top-ranked spy who goes on secret missions. One day, he goes on another mission. He escapes, but is framed! From then on in the movie, he is trying to clear his name, as he has to work with an odd scientist and his wacky inventions! All throughout the movie, he gets himself into some hijinks and shenanigans, in this funny, yet emotional movie!

On the Official List of Awesome Monthly Movies (OLAMM for short) this one gets an A, or 95 percent.

Saving the Ocean: One Bag at a Time

By: Mayuri Rahulan & Imani McMichael

Step By Step

By: Mayuri Rahualn

We should use reusable bags. Think of all the lives that we could save by using one reusable bag! We could save a turtle or a fish. Just remember to keep some reusable bags in your car so you won’t forget. The simple switch to using a reusable bag can save so many lives. When using plastic bags, the bag could travel to bodies of water like the ocean. Then, turtles eat the debris and now have plastic bags in their stomachs, some pieces as small as half a fingernail! The plastic then gets trapped in their stomachs which later prevents them from swallowing food. Now, after hearing all of this, wouldn’t you want to use reusable bags?

Saving the Earth

By: Imani McMicheal

People should start using reusable bags more as they get in the ocean and kill the animals. Soon we will have no animals and less water if this problem keeps continuing on. Some people try to help by cleaning the ocean, and we need more people to realize this problem and help, or else we could all die. So when you throw away trash, try recycling the ones that can be recycled, like bottles, cardboard, and paper. It helps the ocean. The earth is our home and we should do the best to protect it, not destroy it. We only have one earth, so let's save it to the best of our abilities. Let's save lives and not destroy them. So remember to recycle. No one wants to see a dolphin stuck in a box, or a turtle stuck in a can. Recycling is just one easy step that makes a big difference.

Voices from the Wolf Pack

By: Artyom Yevtushenko

This month, I decided to ask some students about what they wish the school cafeteria would serve. About 45 students were polled about this, and they had many different answers. Here were the results from my poll:

  • 33.3% want “unhealthy food”, which would include fast food type items
  • 26.7% want “sweet things”, which
  • would include brownies, cupcakes, peanut butter & jelly
  • 17.8% want “seafood”, which would include the addition of sushi to the menu
  • 15.6% want “healthy food”, which would include more salad options
  • 0.7% responded that they do not buy lunch

So as we can see from the results, it would seem that most GMS students would prefer the addition of “unhealthy” and “sweet” foods to be added to our lunch menu. As for myself, I really want peanut butter & jelly to be added. Stay tuned to our next issue for the next poll!

Check out other opinion articles from past issues from the 2019-2020 school year below!

November/December Book of the Month

By: Sarah Palushi

Hello readers! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with grace and fun. This month’s book is sure to fill you up! This month’s book of the month is…

The Night Diary- Written by Veera Hiranandani is written in diary format from the point of view of Nisha, a hindu girl in a country where she isn’t wanted. Taking place after India’s split from British rule, this book is filled with feeling, and Nisha trying to understand why there's a need to separate Muslims, Sinkhs, and Hindus from each other and separate them into India and Pakistan. In a family with her twin brother, father, and grandmother Nisha has to navigate a life without her mother while trying to understand her father.

Looking for more booky-goodness? Come to Book Club on the first Wednesday of every month from 7:30a.m-8:00a.m. See Ms.Labourdette for more information.

Movie of the Month

By: Finn O'Keefe

This issue’s movie of the month is Forbidden Planet, a classic sci-fi movie released in 1956. It was noted for its groundbreaking use of special effects and intelligent script. It stars a crew of spacemen who are on a trip to a distant planet. Their mission: check on another group of spacemen that landed there 20 years ago. They arrive only to find most of them dead, and the one survivor living lavishly with his helpful robot, Robby!

Investigating further, they learn that an invisible unnamed force brutally murdered almost all of the crew members, the rest (except for 1) later dying of natural causes. The crew is now on a mission to protect themselves from the invisible force, who has mysteriously returned.

With an action packed storyline, excellent use of drawn graphics, and loveable characters, this movie is a check in my box. On the Official List of Awesome Monthly Movies (OLAMM for short) this one gets an A, or 92 percent.

(Top, from left to right: students gathering by the Wolves of Honor board to see the honor roll lists in C hall; a packed gymnasium on November 19th for the 7th & 8th Grade Band concert; Mrs. Hart prepares to deliver donuts to the classes who donated the most cans to the canned food drive; former Geisler student/WLW Freshman, Penelope Blanchard, wins 1st Place for the “I Voted Contest” to commemorate the passing of the 19th Amendment; both Mr. York & Ms. Burdek presenting instruments to 5th grade students at the elementary schools.

The Past vs. The Future

By: Imani McMichael

Middle school is a big change from elementary school. What I decided to do is go around Geisler to ask everyone about what is the difference between 5th grade and 6th grade. So the question is: What was the 5th grade like for you? Is sixth grade better?

  • Jason Hall said fifth grade was good, but sixth grade is better.
  • Sadie Ramirez said that fifth grade was fun, but 6th grade is better because she doesn't have the same teacher all day.
  • Sarah Palushi said that fifth grade was interesting, but she felt that it didn't really prepare her for the switching of classes so sixth grade was a little chaotic.
  • Kennedy Gilbert thought fifth grade was better because she had a really cool teacher and amazing friends. But sixth grade has given her a lot of new activities to participate in like newspaper club.
  • Mr. Yu said that it's been a while since he has been in fifth grade but always remember that he liked his time in middle school. And a fun fact about Mr. Yu, if you didn’t know, is that he used to go to Geisler when he was in middle school.

October's Book of the Month

By: Sarah Palushi

Hellooo readers! Hope all your summer’s were stupendous, and full of fun experiences (and reading of course)! To jump start your reading adventure this year, and get you reading-ready for the school year, the Book Of The Month is…Genuine Fraud - Written by E. Lockhart (Real Name: Emily Jenkins),

Genuine Fraud is about a broken friendship between Imogen, a runaway heiress and orphan, and Jule, a fighter and athlete. This intense friendship is met with a disappearance (and a murder or two), bad romances, disguises, blood, chocolate, spies, the American Dream, villains and superheroes, along with a girl who refuses to be who she once was. (great book for spooky season!)

Want more booky goodness? Join Book Club! First Wednesday of every month at 7:30am. See Mrs. Labourdette for more information, room 203.

Movie of the Month

By: Finnegan O'Keefe

Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Myazaki, it’s a story of mystical beings and mythical creatures, in a world unknown by humans. It stars Chihiro Ogino, a girl who is bored of life and ready to give it all up. She finds meaning in a world of monsters when her parents decide to take a detour from their road trip, and ends up at the gate of a magical world void of humans. It is inhabited by creatures, and they're mostly ones that hate her. They live there, working, fighting, and going about their daily lives. She is taken under the wing of the few that are kind enough to help her, like Haku, and the mysterious boiler man, Kamajī.

From the moment Chihiro enters, she is on a mission to leave the city, working to get her parents back from the evil witch, Yubaba. The story is action packed, and filled with allegories, and deeper meanings. Anime seems to be a hit or miss genre, but this one definitely marks the spot.

On the Official List of Awesome Monthly Movies (OLAMM for short) this one gets an A, or 94 percent.