The Geisler Chronicles

Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

There are several new faces joining the Wolf Pack this year. We have about 5 new teachers joining us and a slew of new students as well. We had a chance to talk to some of our new teachers.

Madame Klotz - By: Sarah Palushi

Bonjour! For anyone not taking French, Geisler has a new member of the Wolf Pack, Mrs. Klotz! This is Mrs. Klotz’s first year here at Geisler. Not only does she teach French at Geisler, but she teaches French at Walled Lake Central High School as well! Before Geisler, Mrs. Klotz lived in Maryland for 7 years, and has been living in Michigan for 2 years. Mrs. Klotz has taught at Romulus Middle School, Clarksburg High School, and Dumbarton Middle School. She has a 11/2 year old son, and will have a new addition to her family, due on December 25, 2018.

Mrs. Klotz has only taught French, but if she could teach anything other than French, it would be P.E. Some sports she favors are baseball, softball, running, and she used to do gymnastics “ages ago.” She loves Geisler, and thinks the kids here are awesome and excited to learn, and is planning on staying here next year! So stop by to room 224 and say hi to Mrs. Klotz. Au revoir!

Mrs. Reeves - By: Nalani Johnson

There is another English teacher that has joined the GMS team, and that would be Mrs. Reeves! She comes to us from Pleasant Lake Elementary where she taught first grade. Despite spending many years at the elementary school, she knew she had to return to the middle school to teach. One of things why Mrs. Reeves wanted to work at Geisler is the fact that her children attended Walled Lake Western High School and lives in the area. And so far, Mrs. Reeves is loving it here.

Teaching is Mrs. Reeves’ second career. Previously, she was an accountant. While her children were growing up, she wanted to be able to help her children learn.

In her free time, Mrs. Reeves enjoys spending time with my ever-growing family (all 3 daughters are married and we now have two beautiful grandbabies) and friends, biking, swimming, and camping.

“I am so excited to be working here this year is going to be a great year,” Mrs. Reeves said.

Mrs. Klotz

Mrs. Reeves

Stay tuned to our next issue to learn more about our other new teachers and students!