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Geisler Middle School Student Newspaper | Volume 4, Issue 6

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Congratulations, GMS Retirees!

This year, Geisler Middle School would congratulate the following staff members on their upcoming retirement: Ms. Jeanne Appel (Attendance Secretary), Ms. Ann Haddad (ELL Paraeducator), Mr. Bill Leech (Design Tech Teacher), and Mr. Brandon Malik (English Teacher). Thank you for your service to Geisler Middle School over the years and we hope you enjoy your retirement.

Farewell Mr. Leech

by: Ruby Dismondy

Mr. Leech has been Geisler’s Design Tech teacher for 19 years, and he has decided to retire at the end of this school year. I interviewed Mr. Leech to get to know him and his time at Geisler a little bit more:

  • How long have you been teaching here? Since 2003—19 years.

  • What is your favorite part of working here with middle schoolers? I’ve enjoyed working with them, they're excited to learn, and when the subject matters to them it makes it fun.

  • What are your favorite Design Tech projects over the years? I've really enjoyed anything to do with robotics, and I like the architectural things. I like building bridges and large architectural projects.

  • What are some of your plans for the future as you retire? My wife and I are planning on traveling, I really want to spend some time with my grandchildren and I like to garden!

  • Do you keep in touch with past students? Yes! They message me and the older ones who graduated college are friends with me on Facebook.

  • What has been your favorite thing about doing the robotics club? It’s just fun to watch the kids learn how to program, and see the magic of how these things come to life.

  • Do you think you’ll still be tinkering around with things in your house even after you retire? Yeah! I have a great home office and all the tools to fix and modify things so definitely! I used to work on copiers so I like to fix things. If I can make it useful then I do.

  • I loved interviewing and learning more about Mr. Leech! I also interviewed a number of students and staff and asked them “What was your favorite thing about Mr. Leech and Design Tech?

    • Ania G.: I like how he understands the quality of break time.

    • Elena A.: He’s really funny, and he gave me gum!

    • Emily A.: He didn’t make things a big deal, he’s really fun and nice. I hope he has a great retirement!

    • Eva D.: He lets us go outside.

    • Neely L.: He is very funny.

    • Katrina P.: He is very fun and flexible with assignments.

    • Eric S.: His humor.

    • Amalie H.: He is very laid back and nice!

    • Lisa G.: He is kind to his students.

    • Rosiah R.: He lets us have computer time.

    • Brooklyn J.: He was a nice and fun teacher and let us go outside a lot.

    • Aubrey Z.: He was a funny and kind teacher.

    • Ferzeen K.: He was really involved with his students.

    • Aidan H.: He is very interesting and one of my favorite teachers.

    • Ava V.: He was a really free-spirited person, and if you were going through something personal and it was affecting your grades, he would care more about the personal problem.

    • Madeline K.: He is very sarcastic!

    • Mrs. Tillman: He was a great mentor to kids.

    • Mrs. Rose: He was so kind and caring and you could always have a good conversation with him!

    • Ruby D.: I loved his personality and having a conversation with him always made my day better!

We will all miss having Mr. Leech in the wolf pack! We hope you have a great retirement!!

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The Wolf Pack Explores D.C.

by: Layth Ibraheem

Earlier this month, many of our Geisler 8th graders went on the annual class trip to Washington, D.C. On the trip we spent 3 days visiting many museums, monuments, memorials and other destinations in and around D.C.

We went to a lot of places in the short time we were there, including Arlington National Cemetery which was a large cemetery where soldiers who died in service and veterans who died later in life are buried. It was remarkable to see just how large the cemetery was and how many are buried there, along with special graves such as the Kennedy Family's graves. Another highlight of the trip was visiting The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which was full of models of all sorts of prehistoric animals and other animals. Visiting the museum allowed us to really see how big prehistoric animals were. We also saw the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial which was really cool as we heard the story about how they didn’t finish his statue because his work wasn't finished. A new stop on the D.C. trip was The Futures Museum to see insane things like the hyperloop, flying cars and ideas that we may see in the future that can make things more accessible, like a Minecraft game you can play with just your eyes. Our trip also included an iconic stop for group photos and selfies at the Supreme Court and the Capitol. Another highlight was going to the American History Museum which had many exhibits, including a display of the many wars we have been in, dating back to the Revolutionary War. This year’s fun activity was a dinner show at Medieval Times.

Outside of all of the great places we visited to learn about our nation’s history, one of the most popular parts of the trip had to be having a chance to stay in a hotel with some of your best friends. You shared a room with 2-3 other people of your choice. Between your group, you would decide on your sleeping arrangements and a shower schedule. A curfew was set to stay in our rooms so we didn’t disturb the other hotel guests and so we would get some sleep because each day was full of sightseeing. Chaperones came around at 6:30 to wake you up for the day and to prepare for breakfast.

Finally, this wouldn't be complete without talking about the most important part of the trip, Jerome, the bus driver for Bus 2 (read more under "NEWS"). The students and chaperones on bus 2 came to enjoy Jerome’s presence and we feel it was mutual. In his own words he was more than a bus driver, he was part of our family. Every time he spoke the whole bus exploded in cheers, and before he left the trip, everyone on the bus signed and presented him a note and some people came together to give him a gift as well. We hope we’ll be able to see him again at our school.

We were excited that after not having a trip last year that we could once again visit Washington, D.C. as an 8th grade class. Everyone should consider going on the D.C. trip when they get to 8th grade!

Warming Up our Community

by: Mayuri Rahulan

On Wednesday, February 16, all Geisler students participated in the Blankets of Hope activity in their social studies classes. Blankets of Hope is a nonprofit organization that gives warm blankets, along with a kind and inspirational note to someone in need. The Wolf Pack got to write comforting letters to go along with the purple blankets.

After the letters were written, many parents delivered the blankets to fire departments and police stations, as well as any homeless people they saw. In addition, some were delivered to the Grace Centers of Hope (GCH) in Pontiac. The blanket recipients from the GCH wrote many thankful notes to the Geisler Wolf Pack for their notes of encouragement.

The Grace Centers of Hope is a non-profit organization that gives shelter for people affected by abuse and homelessness. It is a year-long program, called the One Year Life Skills program, and once the year is over, residents can choose to rent or purchase a home that is owned by the Grace Centers of Hope. The GCH owns over 50 houses in the Pontiac area for people who have gone through the One Year Life Skills program, called the Little Grace Village.

To add on, you can volunteer at the GCH. Helping to prepare meals, helping at a GCH thrift store, and working in the Little Grace Village are just a few volunteering opportunities offered at the Grace Centers of Hope.

Safety is a Priority at Geisler

by: Laney Pereny, Payton Pereny, & Katrina Phommarath

Following the tragic events at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021, questions have come up regarding safety procedures in places in schools. Just before winter break, students across the district, including here at Geisler, took part in options-based training to help prepare us in the rare event of an emergency here at school.

This training program is known as ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. This is not a specific order for how the steps are to be followed but is an acronym to list choices we can use in this situation. When we break down the steps, this is what they mean:

  • Alert: Let the office, an adult, or a teacher know. Tell anyone that you know is unarmed.

  • Lockdown: Close, lock, and barricade the doors to the place you are in. If there is a middle room, your teacher could take you in there as well.

  • Inform: Use all the information you have to stay safe.

  • Counter: Use the closest item to defend yourself.

  • Evacuate: Leave the building and run as far as you can. While Walled Lake Western is currently our safe spot, we were suggested NOT to evacuate to Western as they will be under a lockdown.

We will continue to practice ALICE drills throughout the year as we would with fire and tornado drills. Remember that if there happens to be a tornado, listen and follow your teacher in order to be safe to go to your shelter spots. If a fire starts, get out of the school from your nearest exit and follow your teacher. Your nearest exit may not be available. If you are not familiar with the building, try to familiarize yourself so you have options during an emergency situation.

Geisler has many safety procedures already in place to keep everyone safe, from security cameras throughout the building, all doors being locked during school hours, a camera to check people in before they enter the building to name a few. It is also important that if you see or hear something suspicious, tell a trusted adult or report it to Ok2Say.

Therapy Dog Coming to GMS

by: Aiza Valenzuela

As many of our students have heard, Geisler is a candidate to receive a therapy dog to join the Wolf Pack. While this is an exciting addition to GMS, there is a lot of planning involved. 8th grade social studies teacher, Ms. Polak, will be taking care of our little furry friend as our staff handler. Ms. Polak will be take our new therapy dog home with her daily and will house the dog during school hours.

Before we can even begin the process of getting a therapy dog, we must raise $9,000. To help with that, we are holding a few fundraisers to be able to afford this pup, for example we are holding First Friday Hat Day every month. Students and staff donate $1 to wear a hat. All the money raised from the Hat Day effort will go towards the fundraising efforts. Families and community members are also welcome to donate directly to the fundraising efforts. Interested individuals can contact Ms. Lown for more information.

Currently, Guest, Glengary, Meadowbrook, Walled Lake Elementary, and Walled Lake Western all have therapy dogs as part of their buildings and they have been a positive impact to their school communities. We don't exactly know what kind of dog we are getting but all we know is that we are going to love it unconditionally and welcome them to our Wolf Pack!

New to the Wolf Pack!

As with any new school year, there are many new faces joining the Geisler Wolf Pack, including several new staff members since last fall. Please be sure to welcome these new individuals to GMS! We look forward to featuring many of these new Wolves in future newspaper issues.

Ms. Shaw interview conducted by: Saya Farrell

Ms. Shaw is also new to the Wolf Pack as Mr. Hudson’s student teacher. I interviewed Ms. Shaw to get to know her a little bit more and this is what she said:

  1. What made you want to become a math teacher? My 7th grade math teacher and my 12th grade math teacher were both really big inspirations. I saw how passionate they were about teaching, and this inspired me to become a teacher myself. I also enjoy building relationships with my students and watching them succeed in and out of the classroom.

  2. What was your experience in middle school? A couple of my favorite things from middle school were the 8th grade graduation celebration and the 8th grade picnic we had at the end of the school year. I remember having a lot of fun with my friends at these events. I also danced in the talent show with some of my friends in 6th and 7th grade.

  3. What do you think about being a student teacher during COVID? Doing my internship during COVID has some added challenges, but I am very excited to be in-person this year. One thing I have learned over the last year and a half is how to adapt to sudden changes. I think this is something that will help me this year and in the future as a teacher.

  4. What is the hardest part about being a math teacher? The most challenging part about teaching math is finding new ways to make learning math fun.

  5. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a huge Spartan fan (Go Green!). I love going to Michigan State football games when I can, and when I can’t, I am always watching on TV. I am from Canton, Michigan, so I grew up not far from here. I have a cat, her name is Pumpkin. I enjoy playing with her when I get home from school. She is only 2 years old so she is very energetic. I am excited to be a part of the Wolf Pack this year, Go Wolves!

Mr. Malik by: Aiza Valenzuela

To start us off, I’m here with Mr. Malik, our new 6th & 8th Grade English teacher. He transferred to our school after teaching at Walnut Creek for many years.

First, I asked him how he was feeling about teaching at Geisler so far and he responded by saying, “It's been great! Geisler has been great to teach at so far” and I don’t know about you but that made me feel really good because that means we are all making an effort to make our new teachers here feel welcome!

The next question I asked was what were his hopes for the new school year and he responded by building relationships with both the teachers and students.

We are very grateful to have Mr. Malik as a new part to our wolf pack and I am very excited to see where this year takes us with him!!