Library Media Commons

Fun Facts About Our Collection

How many books are in our library? 25,272

How many book and other materials were added to our collection this year? 1,000

How many users do we service? 1,237

How many guest speakers did we have? 4

How many new glow fish did out library acquire? 4

Who is checking out our books?

I can honestly say that the majority of my students love to read! Our monthly statistics can attest to that fact. October is the top with December being our lowest school month. Students why do you think this is?

Libraries are not just for stories anymore!

Through out the school year, our library is used for a variety of reasons. Students come into the library commons to exchange books, listen to Playaways, work on assignments, either in small groups or individually. Mentors come into the library to read or play games with students. The library is also a place perfect for all staff meetings. Teachers have also brought their class in as Golden Book award winners, Star Tech Crew time and research.