The Kenosha Unified School District’s Early Education program is the integration of 4K, Early Childhood Special Education, and Head Start. Early Education classrooms are located in every Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) elementary school and in ten collaborating childcare centers. Early Education includes children that are ages three or four on or before September 1st with the majority of classrooms being multi-aged allowing three and four year olds learn together.

KUSD Early Education embraces a play-based philosophy founded on research demonstrating that the greatest learning comes when you are engaged in activities that you love to do. For three and four year old children, play is what they love to do. Early Education teachers provide the academic and social/emotional skills that a child needs to master through designing highly engaging learning environments for children that are guided by developmentally appropriate instruction. This approach encourages children to engage, explore, and experience their learning.

Parent engagement is encouraged in all classrooms and buildings. How parents are engaged in their child’s learning will look different for each family. Home visits, parent-teacher conferences, and classroom activities are just a few of the ways that the school will invite the parent to become involved in their child’s learning.

Early Education strives to provide a strong academic and social/emotional foundation for children to build on. We recognize parents as their child’s first teacher and look forward to working closely in support of the child’s learning.