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update from mrs. escovedo

Students and Parents,

Each week there will be one assignment posted in Google Classroom for completion. Students will be graded on completing and submitting the assignment correctly. I am currently available for virtual office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-11:30am. This can be found on the Google Classroom and has been sent out on REMIND. For safety and security reasons, the information will NOT be posted on this website.

PLEASE make sure you are receiving the REMIND messages! (scroll down to the bottom for the code if you need it)

PLEASE make sure you are completing your google classroom assignment!

Please feel free to reach out and contact me via REMIND or email at


Mrs. Escovedo

Online learning- Orchestra google classroom

All students have access to google classroom for each orchestra class period. Below are the access codes for each class. Students, I will be posting more information about assignments, music and more coming soon!

* You MUST have reset your FWISD password in order to access Google Classroom. Find Password Instructions Here.

1. Go to

2. Click the + button in the top right corner and select "Join Class"

3. Enter code for orchestra class period

2nd period Beginner MS Orchestra - ebwrzhh

3rd period Concert B Orchestra- fmfx73x

4th period Concert A Orchestra- zchj3sh

5th period Sinfonia Orchestra- kphjwzd

6th period Symphony Orchestra- rxrzs5p

7th period Philharmonic Orchestra- ylssjkn

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stay connected!

Text to 81010

2nd period Beginner MS Orchestra- @mcleanbego

3rd & 4th period- Concert Orchestras- @mcleancon

5th period Sinfonia Orchestra- @mcleansinf

6th period Symphony Orchestra- @mcleansym

7th period Philharmonic Orchestra- @mcleanphil