Welcome to Choir 2020-2021

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Google Classroom Codes for Choir by Period

Be sure to sign in with your student email. (EX: snumber@students.fwisd.org)

Period 1- tcszxsf

Period 2- 32ssqcd

Period 3- ijgrtzu

Period 4- hdq6gi3

Period 5-esi6fhu

Period 7- xpjqwet

Remind 101 Classroom Coded for Choirs

Period 1-@tbjmjper1

Period 2- @7-8tb

Period 3- @per3jmj

Period 4- @7-8treble

Period 6- @jacquetm

Period 8- @7-8treble

Remind.com or download the app. Message directly to the director. Parents may also join.

Please check out and help our students with items from our wish list.

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Standards of Excellence

While in Choir at Jacquet MS, the student will be expected to...

  • Follow the procedures and expectations set inside the virtual classroom

  • Learn and develop proper vocal production and skills required for successful singing

  • Develop and maintain sight-reading skills

  • Develop a basic musical knowledge

  • Perform at all concerts per the grading policy (when we return to school!)

  • Maintain good school attendance (attend virtual school for four hours a day!)

  • Develop excellent daily rehearsal skills (be a good virtual learner!)

  • Learn to work as a team

  • Participate in choir social activities (on Google Meet until we can "meet" again!)

  • Contribute to the success of Jacquet MS Choir by promoting good citizenship and school spirit


This is a great way for you to keep up with your student's grades in my class.

I highly recommend getting the parent portal set up at the start of the year and checking it weekly with your child/children.