Assistant Curriculum Leader:

Ms. J. Akhtar


Science courses at WHCI engage students with interactive, hands on learning opportunities and embed learning with the aid of technology at every turn. Students are able to pursue and extend their learning interests through co-curricular activities outside of the classroom in all the clubs and competitions offered through the department such as the Eco Club, Sci-Squad and the Engineering Team.

WHCI Science program offers a wide range of science courses to support the needs and interests of all learners – this includes our enriched MST/pre-AP program.

Useful Links

Teaching Staff: Mr. Abernethy (virtual school), Ms. Akhtar, Mr. Jakubowski (virtual school), Ms. Kim, Mr. Quach, Mr. Quereshi (virtual school) Ms. Rahman (centrally assigned), Ms. Rai, Ms. Raj

Extracurricular Activities


  • Health Sci/Stem Club

  • Eco Club

  • Engineering Team

  • Science Studio

  • WHCI STEM Olympics