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A group of highly qualified outdoor educators have put together various lessons for students, families and teachers.

The TABLE below has activities and lessons to use. More resources can be found below the table.

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When participating in any of these activities remember during the current COVID-19 outbreak, be sure to always practice physical distancing with other people to stay safe and healthy.

Everyone in Ontario should do their best to avoid close contact with people outside of their immediate household. Close contact includes being within two (2) metres of another person.

TABLE with interactive controls for filtering and sorting. Click on the boxes below to find an activity that works for you. Make a copy of any of the activities for yourself.

Note: Kindergarten, Primary (Grade 1-3), Junior (Grade 4-6), Intermediate (Grade 7-8), Secondary (Grade 9-12)

Choose Your Own Adventure Calendars for May

Curated list of web resources relating to outdoor education and learning.

About Us

We see thousands of students a year at our sites. Our goal -- providing excellent curriculum connected outdoor learning experiences and supporting visiting teachers to incorporate natural and urban environments into their regular practice. This type of schooling cannot be limited to a few trips to an Outdoor Education Centre.

Beyond the many supports for classroom teachers, our highly qualified staff of Teachers and Outdoor Education Specialists have proudly put together the following resources to keep learning IN, ABOUT, and FOR the environment from home. We have designed these activities in an effort to build a deeper connection to our natural and built environments, encourage a connection to our Earth, and be meaningful stewards for generations to come.

Immersing students in safe, active and enriching learning experiences in both natural and urban environments continues to be our focus and we hope you find these engaging.