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at David & Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario

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Science Office: Room 110. Tel: 416-396-5525 x20251.

SBI4U class: DNA fingerprinting trip form + $15 is due ASAP. Trip is happening on Thurs. Nov. 23.

Wed. Nov. 22: Due date for SHAD Valley Applications

SHAD is a competitive program that attracts grades 10, 11 & 12 youth leaders and Change Makers across Canada and around the world. The application takes into consideration both academic results and extra-curricular participation.

As you may know, we have a substantial financial assistance fund, as we believe that all qualified students deserve an opportunity to benefit from the SHAD experience, regardless of their financial situation. All students are welcome to apply, including your 'diamonds in the rough'. These are students who have the capabilities to excel, but who may not have the same opportunities because of where they live, their family financial situation, or their lack of access to extracurricular activities. If you see passion, commitment, effort and excellence in a student, all they need is your support and encouragement to apply.

SHAD is a registered Canadian charity that empowers exceptional high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for 900 students from across Canada and internationally to attend a month-long summer program, in-residence at one of our Canadian host universities, focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math). There are currently more than 16,300 SHAD alumni including 32 Rhodes Scholars, Top 40 Under 40 & Top 20 Under 20 award recipients, and many other accomplished professionals, all sharing the transformational SHAD experience and able to leverage their SHAD network for life. Founded in 1980, SHAD is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Students selected through the rigorous, competitive process for places in the summer program are top performers who are also well-rounded emerging leaders demonstrating initiative, creativity and flair. They are leaders in their schools, volunteers in their communities, and are often gifted musicians, artists and athletes.

Gene Researcher For A Week: Applic. due Dec. 24, 2017

Please visit for more details regarding the timeline and application process.

You can now download a digital version of student handout and grfaw booklet from our website. Please follow the link to access these documents.

The Canadian Gene Cure Foundation is pleased to announce that applications will be accepted for the 2018 Gene Researcher for a Week Program from November 1, 2017 through December 24, 2017. Funded in part by the Canadian Institute Health Research Institute of Genetics, the Foundation selects motivated and ambitious students in grades 11 and 12 who have an innate curiosity for science, human genetics, and human genetics research. This year we anticipate being able to place 50 plus students in this program.

The program offers high school students:

1. The opportunity for a hands-on learning experience in the field of genetic research. Students gain insight into the world of genetic diseases by observation and are often provided the opportunity of conducting real, hands-on scientific experiments (i.e. DNA isolation, PCTR, gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, cell culture and ELISA assays). Participants may also learn how genes cause human genetic disorders and how top scientists translate these findings into treatments and cures for genetic diseases.

2. The opportunity to work in one of Canada's top genetic research laboratories. These students are placed in labs of influential Canadian scientists for one week over Spring Break. This experience gives young students what many have called "a life changing experience". The GRFAW mentoring program is a great opportunity for young scientists to learn about human genetics research and connect with some Canada's best researchers.

3. The opportunity develop a network of high potential peers. Student gene researchers are bright, talented and highly motivated individuals. By participating in the program, they will have an opportunity to meet people in their host lab and institution. Some labs will host more than one student, providing a further opportunity to network with other students.

4. The unique opportunity to learn about the many exciting career paths in science and genetics

Through the science teachers in the schools, it is our hope that motivated science students across Canada have ready access to this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Selection Criteria

Selected students will be placed with their host scientists during Spring Break. Due to the high number of students that apply, candidates will be selected based on the following criteria:

• Must be a resident of Canada

• Must be a high school student in grade 11 or 12

• Must be 16 years of age by January 1st of the year of participation (2016)

• Must have a high academic standing (overall GPA of 85% or higher)

• Must show an interest in pursuing a career/education in human genetics

• Must be well rounded in all areas (academic, volunteer and extra-curricular activities)

• Must be willing to travel to another city or province to participate (up to 35% of our participants are placed outside of their home city/town)

Cost to students: There is no cost to participate in the program or to apply. If travel is required, a stipend will be provided by the Canadian Gene Cure Foundation however it may not cover all travel costs including food and accommodations.

NOTE: Student placements happen during their own school's Spring Break dates. This information is requested on their application. If they have a two week spring break, we will place them during one or the other for one week only.


Announcement (Sept. 15, 2017): Students resetting TDSB accounts

Issue: Work to reset student accounts (those who did not successfully access their accounts prior to Sept. 12) to the shared secret password continues to run longer than anticipated and, unfortunately, is still not complete.

Impact: These student accounts have not been reset to the shared secret password.

Action: Teachers wanting student accounts reset to the shared secret password may complete this Google Form: - IT Services has allocated staff to process these requests hourly.

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