Assistant Curriculum Leader:

Mrs. Malik- Grade 9 Mathematics and Numeracy

Mr. Mohanlall - Grades 10-12 Mathematics


At West Humber CI our mathematics teachers are involved in planning and sharing of information with other teachers through the Professional Learning Cycle and special Professional Learning Teams. We collaboratively adapt a variety of strategies including, but not limited to descriptive feedback, accountable talk, differentiation instructions and Evidence Based Instructional Strategies. Many of these instructional methods are met by the use of Learning Goals, Success Criteria and hands on activities. Our teachers are involved with co-planning and co-teaching with our math coach and the implementation of the 3-part lesson plans. Every classroom uses a variety of technologies such as SmartBoards, Ti-83, Document Camera, motion sensors and interactive software such as Gizmos and Desmos. We offer many enrichment opportunities through rich assessment performance tasks that involve the mathematical processes, this enable our teachers to target different learning styles and to teach to these styles.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Acharya

Mr. Hyka

Ms. Kim

Mrs. Malik

Mr. Mohanlall

Mr. Piorkowski

Mr. Singh

Extracurricular Activities

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