STAO Coding & Robotics 2017

The following STAO STEM + Coding and Robotics Lessons were created by the Primary STAO Summer Writing Team 2017 (Rupali Rodgers TDSB and Laura Collins TDSB) to help Ontario educators integrate Coding and Robotics into their STEM/STEAM lessons.

For all K-8 Coding and Robotics resources created by the STAO Writing Team go to:

Kindergarten - A Home for Snuffles
Kindergarten: Self-Regulation
Kindergarten - Flowers Seeking Pollinators
Kindergarten What is a Robot?
Gr 1 Daily and Seasonal Changes
Gr 1 Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
Gr 1 Materials_ Objects and Everyday Structures
Gr 1 Energy In Our Lives
Gr 2 Properties of Liquids and Solids
Gr 2 Growth and Changes in Animals
Gr 2 Movement
Gr 2 Air and Water in the Environment