Important Announcements

Welcome Assembly - If you missed our welcome assembly, you can view the slideshow by clicking here

How Can We Help?

Who We Are

  • Our guidance secretary is happy to help with: forms (drop sheets, community hours etc.), printing of credit counselling summaries and reports, and booking an appointment to see your guidance counsellor
  • Your guidance counsellor wants to assist you with the selection of your courses, planning for post-secondary, and career exploration. We can provide you with resources to help manage stress, access the community and be a listening ear when things are tough. We also want to help you connect in the school community, see us to find out how.
  • Our child & youth counsellors and social workers are here to help any students experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, family/home issues, or life/school concerns. Any student experiencing mental health concerns is encouraged to connect with student services right away so we can help. Need immediate assistance? Click Here

The office is open from 8:40 am to 4:00 pm; appointments to see a guidance counsellor can be made before school, at lunch, and after school.


Ms. Neddeau - Guidance Secretary

Ms. Ho Yan - Guidance Counsellor (A to L)

Ms. St. Louis - Guidance Counsellor (M to Z)

Mr. Stretch - Guidance Counsellor (International Students)

Ms. Neil-Gabriel - Child and Youth Counsellor

Ms. Cortese and Mr. Solis - Social Workers

Ms. Zhang - Settlement Worker

What Do I Need to Graduate?

  • COMMUNITY HOURS FORM - print, complete and drop off to guidance
  • You need 40 hours! Need help completing them? Click here for more information
  • LITERACY TEST REQUIREMENT - learn more, prep for the test (practice tests available) and more!
  • What if I have tried the test and have been unsuccessful? You may be eligible to take the OLC course through e-learning or summer school. See your guidance counsellor for more information. Curriculum can be found here.
  • Recommended: All students should complete their IPP - Individual Pathway Plan - every year. This is through MYBLUEPRINT. You want to complete the necessary activities each year in your account to reach 100%. This will help you learn more about your interests and strengths to better guide you towards the right post-secondary pathway for you.