2019 - 2020 Course Selection

What you need to know!

For students who are new to myBlueprint, sign up for an account at www.myblueprint.ca You will need your OEN (you can find it on your report card, credit counselling summary and/or timetable) and a valid email address.

All the courses we offer at JPCI can be found at 2019-2020 Course Selection Sheet including SMR information, SHSM information and important notes on course selection.

These links include worksheets for each grade:

These two links 2019-2020 Secondary Placement Page 1 and 2019-2020 Secondary Placement Page 2 include graduation requirements, how to interpret a course code and many other choices.

Use your Credit Counselling Summary to guide you; they were handed out on Thursday, February 14 during Period 2. You may find the same information that is on your credit counselling summary in your myBlueprint account.

Visit the following websites to learn more about admission requirements to college and university programs and apprecticeship requirements:

It is highly recommended ESL students choose 2 ESL courses (one for each semester).

The deadline to submit course selections online through myBlueprint is March 4. The verification form with signatures is due to the guidance office on the same date.

Course selection assemblies were held on Thursday, February 14.

Period 3 classes will be meeting with a guidance counsellor from Tuesday, February 19 - Thursday, February 28.