The Metamorphosis Girls STEM Conference is a TDSB annual event hosted by JPCI with a focus on inspiring young girls to build and sustain their interests in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) through a day of hands-on workshops, inspirational speakers and mentorship. The conference was hosted for the first time on March 8th 2017, serving over 300 middle school girls from across the TDSB.

The Metamorphosis Girls STEM Conference is one step in the journey towards transforming attitudes surrounding girls and women in STEM, and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM. If STEM is to be the driver of innovation and economic prosperity in Canada, we need everyone involved!


Nicole Anthony

Phone: 416-395-3303, Extension 20080


JPCI is excited to host the 2018 Metamorphosis Girls Stem Conference on Thursday March 8, 2018 (International Women's Day). Click here for more information.