IDC ICT Placement Portfolios


  • Create a page on the site for your placement. You need one portfolio per teacher.

Portfolio piece:

  • A presentation of what you created for your placement using a relevant piece of technology. (Suggestions: video that tours a website, a prezi of your resources/videos, an infographic that describes your placement, anything else that you can think of with prior approval.)
  • Links to and/or uploads of any material that you created for your placement.

Written Material:

  • Teacher and subject area
  • Description of project
  • Technology used
  • Possible uses in other classes/subject areas

There are examples from previous year on the weebly site (not accessible at school) so you have an idea of how to approach the assignment.

If you worked with more than one teacher you must create a portfolio for each teacher. If you worked with a partner with more than one teacher you can divide the work with the understanding that the final grade will be shared unless you talk to be ahead of time.