Guidance & Career Education

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Ms. F. Zuccarelli

Guidance & Career Education

A variety of supports to ensure success for all students is essential to the guidance program. Support can be realized by, providing a safe and positive place for students in a time of need, the opportunity for self-reflection or being an advocate for a student. Other ways include:  referral to Professional Support Services (attendance, social work etc.) ; facilitating student success initiatives that support the needs of students;  access to tutoring/mentoring or settlement services within the community.
A comprehensive education and career/life planning process is the cornerstone of guidance. Students are supported as they plan their pathway based on interests, strengths and abilities. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including:  actively engaging students in the planning process by providing a variety of appropriate resources;  addressing 4 Inquiry Questions (Who Am I? What are my opportunities? What is my plan for achieving my goals? Who do I want to become?)  facilitating access to information through myBlueprint, assemblies and classroom presentations etc.
Ongoing access to teacher-counsellors and assistance for every student is essential for student success. The range of supports includes:  individual and/or group counselling for social, emotional, and/or academic issues;  providing a safe, caring, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students;  classroom presentations, special events and assemblies on a variety of topics.
Support for transitions enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills required to successfully adapt to change. Guidance teacher-counsellors are involved extensively with: orientation and exit programs;  secondary and post-secondary pathways opportunities via myBlueprint;  re-engagement strategies to ensure success for students.
Opportunities for students to learn about themselves and others are designed to foster self-discovery and develop positive relationships that respect individual differences and contribute to a sense of belonging and academic success. Guidance programming facilitates this by providing a variety of opportunities to:  discover learning styles and preferences to support learning;  support the development of social skills for building healthy relationships and responsible citizenship in a global community;  participate in career/life planning activities that support self-awareness, opportunity awareness- or awareness of options and decision making; goal-setting and reflection.
Relevant, current and timely information and resources about career/life opportunities is fundamental for students, staff and the school community. Guidance programming provides this through:  electronic (myBlueprint) and print materials;  workshops and seminars;  Career development curriculum.
Connections to programs and community agencies/ partners ensure that students have access to mental health and well-being supports that address individual and school needs. Guidance accomplishes this through:  supporting the management and facilitation of community agencies and partners in the school;  navigating community supports and services;  supporting the acquisition of Community Involvement Hours.

Teaching Staff:

Ms. F. Zuccarelli, Ms. A. Faraj, Mr. B. Hemsley, Ms. S. Adam

Extracurricular Activities

  • Guidance Prefects
  • Peer Tutors
  • Stress Release Club
  • Staff/Students Health and Wellness Committee

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