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Steps to address questions and concerns

Attend the Parents as Partners conference virtually or join the pre-conference sessions in person

Police reference checks and Vulnerable Sector Screening

October 16th -20th is Anti-Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Get Informed. Get Connected. Get Engaged.

What do the Community Support Workers (CSWs) do?

CSW's develop, engage and participate in local and system-wide parent/caregiver and community development initiatives that close achievement and opportunity gaps.

The 24 Community Support Workers (CSW) are assigned to 150 Model Schools.

We support school and system initiatives by:

  • Building/enhancing relationships and establishing ongoing communication with Principals to help in channeling engagement in ways that support and add value to student achievement, through their School Improvement Plan (SIP) and enhancing school’s parent/caregiver engagement effort

  • Proactively outreaching and engaging parents/caregivers to facilitate parent leadership, advocacy and ambassador opportunities

  • Collaborating with departments and external partners to provide content-based and research-based sessions and opportunities for parents/caregivers and staff

  • Engaging in strategic community based partnerships to identity and to establish service and programs that support parents/caregivers and students in literacy, numeracy and poverty reduction

  • Providing excellent customer service experience for parents/caregivers, schools, and community members to foster a collaborative learning environment

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What is a Model School?

Model schools for Inner Cities logo

A Model School is one of over 150 inner city schools as determined by the Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) Learning Opportunities Index (LOI).

The Model Schools for Inner Cities program is fundamentally rooted in a strength-based approach, aimed at increasing access, opportunities and achievement for all students. When students, teachers, families and communities work collaboratively to create positive change, student achievement, well-being, and engagement are increased. See the 10 Year Anniversary Report.