Canadian and World Studies

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Ms. N. Bediako-Amoah

Canadian and World Studies

The Canadian and World Studies department is academic in nature. We stress the development of transferable skills such as "inquiry", "investigation", and "communication", both orally and in writing.

In our rapidly changing world, an understanding of the forces of globalization will give students a competitive edge for the future. Canadian and World Studies includes the disciplines of geography, history, civics and citizenship, law, and economics. All these disciplines are learned from a global and national perspective.

Teaching Staff: Ms. N. Bediako-Amoah, Ms. S. Czerczak, Mrs. L. de Breyne, Mr. Z. Jakovic, Mrs. N. Kurup, Mrs. C. Mashinter, Mr. J. McCarthy, Ms. A. Sekhon, Ms. K. Stuart, Mr, R. Weaver

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