The BFF Gallery

Books for Friends: Student creations, for students

Welcome to The BFF Gallery!

Here, you will find a collection of multi-language Books for Friends (BFF). BFF are eBooks written by 8 to 13 year old students, for other students. It showcases a diversity of student books about their passions and preoccupations, stories that break down gender-stereotypes, others that empower girls to have limitless ambitions, and books with messages entrenched in anti-oppression, environmental protection, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. Many include underrepresented groups in media and literature: LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities and racialised individuals. As more books are written and translated with the help of students, parents, educators and other BFF volunteers, they will be added to The BFF Gallery.

Browse works of young, talented authors in multiple languages using one of the methods below, then click to read it. It's as simple as that. Enjoy!

  1. Search by alphabetical order of English titles, author's first name or translator's first name.
  2. Use the "Title" box to do a title keyword search in ANY language that is available for a book (Note: this search is sensitive to accents in other languages).
  3. Use the "English Title" box to search an English keyword in a book's title. This search will return ALL language versions of books with that keyword. E.g., A book "Getting lost in the Amazon Jungle" is available in English, German and Tamil. If you search "jungle", it will return all the language versions of this book and any other books that have "jungle" in its English title.

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