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Triad High School provides students with an excellent opportunity to succeed. Our school has a rich tradition of excelling in academics, music, drama, athletics, student government, and extracurricular clubs. We look forward to seeing the positive development that will occur throughout the year with each of our students. The information posted on this website provides an opportunity for parents to hear directly from the Principals desk through emails that provide important information for their students to succeed. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the high school office and talk to one of our secretary's or administrators. We look forward to serving you this year.

Sincerely, Office Phone: 618-667-8851 ext. 7067
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Parent_Student Newsletter_5-24-21

Grade 9/10/11

Parent/Student Letter: 5/24/21

Parent-Student Newsletter 5/5/21 - Frosh/Soph/Juniors/TLS
Parent-Student Newsletter - 5/5/21 - Seniors

Grade 9/10/11

Parent/Student Letter: 5/5/21


Parent/Student Letter: 5/5/21

Parent Newsletter 3-12-21 - Grade 9,10,11,TLS

Parent/Student Letter: 3/12/21

Parent Newsletter 2-26-21

Parent/Student Letter: 2/26/21

Parent Newsletter 2-5-21

Parent/Student Letter: 2/5/21

Parent Newsletter 1-15-21

Parent/Student Letter: 1/15/21

Parent Newsletter 1-5-21

Parent/Student Letter: 1/5/21

Parent Newsletter 12-16-20

Parent/Student Letter: 12/16/20

Remote Learning Parent Email
THS Grades 9-12 - Remote Learning Plan_2nd Semester

2nd Semester Remote Learning Parent Letter: 11/18/20

THS Parent Newsletter: 10/19/20

Parent Newsletter: 10/19/20

THS Parent Newsletter: 9/12/20

Parent Newsletter: 9/12/20

Parent Newsletter 8-21-20

Parent Newsletter: 8/21/20

Parent Newsletter 8-10-20