Book Recommendations


The following are titles you and your classmates have recommended (this list will change periodically):

Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik - I’ve enjoyed all four of the Temeraire novels so far. However I have seen lots of people mention that they haven’t found the second, third or fourth one as good as the first. Maybe I am biased because of my small *but really very large* dragon obsession but I have liked them all. The novels are worth reading for Temeraire and Laurence’s relationship alone in my opinion. Temeraire, the main dragon in the novel has such a distinctive character. He is stubborn, loyal and has a strong but unique outlook on morality. He also brings out the best in his rider/companion Laurence, who thanks to Temeraire’s black and white outlook on issues starts to see that even things he has spent his whole life accepting as ‘just the way things are’ actually need to be changed. Temeraire and Laurence’s affection and loyalty for each other never fails to make me smile. In fact I love all dragons and their riders, they each have their own personalities and relationships. This is the first novel since the first where we really see them all again and added a lot to my enjoyment of the novel. Each sequel has taken us to a different exotic place so far. This time it was Africa and this was my favourite portion of the novel. This is where the loyalty of all the dragons is really showcased and as well beautiful descriptions of Africa itself. The reader also experiences the impact of slavery there and the author really hits you hard with the brutality of it but creates a fascinating idea for how African people could have tried to fight back if dragons really did exist. It really had me hooked.
The Fall of the Templar by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis -This book was a really good book. While it had less suspense, it had a little bit more of a plot to it. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you read the first two books, otherwise you have to read this! I would give this a 4.2 out of 5.
Took by Mary Downing Hahn -The reason why I think people should read this book is because it is a good horror book, and it is fun to follow the flow of the book. Gridiron Showdown by Jake Maddox - I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sports. I also recommend it to anyone who likes realistic fiction. Lastly, I recommend it to anyone that likes characters who they can relate to.
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green - I recommend reading this book because it is a great story, and it is also sad.
Real Time by Pnina Moed Kass -The reason why I think the 7th graders should read this is because it is a thriller and a good family story. A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin - I recommend this book to anyone who likes books that take unexpected turns. This book is similar to the book Belle Teal, so if you've read that book and liked it, then I recommend A Corner of the Universe. I would give this book a 4.5/5 because in my opinion, some of the aspects don't make sense. However, this is a good book in general.
Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile by Marcia Wells - I would recommend this book because it is about mysteries and criminals so I you that then you will like this book. Also the book gives lot of suspense. Lastly the book is really well made and gives a lot of detail about what is going on
Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labrynth by Rick Riordan-He gets stuck in a giant maze with two other half bloods. They fight lots of other monsters. They find kronos and battle them and hut him bad. There is a sneak peak at the end of what happens in the next one which is a huge fight.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson is a half blood and the only safe place for him is Camp Half blood. He trains there and while hes there he is accused of stealing the lighting bolt. He goes to the underworld to steal it from Hades and returns it back by midnight.
Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty - I think this book is great for the people that love dark and twisted story's with magic. It would also be great for the people who love mystery suspense story's. I think my favorite part of this book is how when Serafina is faced with fear or danger she doesn't run away she stands her ground and fights with all she can.
Guts and Glory: The Vikings by Ben Thompson - This book is about vikings and how they burned down towns with raids. Lots of violence though. I would rate 4.5/5 Beauty and the Beast by Elizabeth Rudnick -I would for sure recommend this book for other students to read. It has a great lesson behind it, and a great ending. However, the ending was/wasn't expected. I would give this book 4/5 stars because I feel that it went by a little slow. Wonder by R.J. Palacio -I would recommend the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio to everyone! This book is about a boy, named Auggie who struggles though life because of his disability. He meets friends, eventually goes to school, and faces bullies. He's grown up and tried to be comfortable with himself. Will Auggie finally feel good about himself? Will he make real friends, that won't stab him in the back? Read the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio to find out! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling - I would recommend this book to people who like to read. People who like long chapter books should definitely read this book. I like Harry Potter so I read the book and its really good. My star rating would have to be 5 out of 5 stars.
Teens At War by Allan Zullo - In this book you will learn about 10 teens who lied to get into the Army. They did this so they could fight. In one of the stories two boys have to defend a hill until reinforcements come.Will they survive or die fighting?
Notes From the Dog by Gary Paulsen -I would say this is a really good book. It shows how long it takes to build a garden, and it also shows how you would feel if you would fund raise. I would rate this a 4.5 cause some parts are boring. but I would recommend it to my friends. Death Sentence by Alexander Gordan Smith - The book Death Series is really good book. It the third book of the Escape From Furnace series. It is full of twists and turns, and it is just really good. It's about these kids that get wrongly convicted of crimes, and go to the most inescapable prison in the world. They escape a couple of times, but end up getting caught by the warden and learning the prison's dark secrets. It is a really good book and I'd definitely recommend it.
Fever by Lauren DeStefano - This book is great proves to be just as good as the first one. I hope the third one is just as good. I couldn't read this book fast enough, and I couldn't put it down. This book is really great and very enjoyable I would deffenitly recamend it to anyone one who is into adventure, romance, and mystery.
Wither by Lauren DeStefano - I really liked this book. It was hard to put down, always wanted to keep reading. It is very interesting and I can't wait to read the next book.
Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket -I would give this book an 8/10. I gave this book an 8 because at some times in the book it got a bit boring. It also might be a little "scary" if you're younger. In my opinion this is one of the better books out of 13. It mostly kept you on your feet and you didn't really know what was going to happen next. High Heat by Carl Deuker - It starts out with a dad cheering on his soon pitching then the police show up and arrest him for selling a car to a drug dealer. He goes home after talking with the police and they told him he needs to go to court. He kills him self and the son sister and mother sell the house and move. He goes to a new school and the baseball coach gets him to try out back on the baseball team, after his dad died he quit.
Threads by Ami Polansky - It is a good book just of how it was wrote. Also because of how the author chose a scary topic. Lastly the book was good because of how believable the characters are.
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead - This was such a good book. I found it really hard to put down. Even though I don't really read mystery books, I found this one really interesting.There was a lot of foreshadowing, which kept me reading.
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl -I recommend this book to people who enjoy classic children stories, or Roald Dahl in general. Although short, this book is full of friendship, and hope of better times. If you have seen the animation of James and the Giant Peach, it will be especially interesting to compare and contrast the book and movie. I think this was a great book. I highly recommend it.
The Girl Who Survived by Bronia Brandman & Carol Bierman -I would recommend this book if you like history. And you want to more more about the Holocaust.You will learn about the deadly war.
Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan - I would rate rate this book a 8/10 because there were some down points where the book was boring and moved a little bit too slow. But, overall it was an amazing book. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes magic or a person who would like to learn more about the Greek gods.
The Fall by James Preller - The Fall is a book about someone named Sam who had a friend named Morgan who took her life. Morgan has been bullied for a few but it keeps getting worse. Sam was friends with her but was forced to bully her online with a secret account. After Morgan died, Sam started to write in a journal.
Class Dismissed by Allan Woodrow -I liked this book. It wasn't a super hard read but it wasn't too hard. I think this book is good for children my age and and maybe a little bit younger. It was full of description and I never wanted to stop reading it. I would give this book a 4.5 stars.
Auggie & Me by - R. J. Palacio - If you liked the book Wonder you will love Auggie & me. Auggie & me is the same story as Wonder but from others characters that are in Wonder. I love this book and I think you will too. I would rate it a 5/5 stars.
Lost on a Mountain in Maine by Donn Fendler -This book is a good book and it get a little concerning at some points in the book when the kid is in trouble. He has trouble finding food and water since he is so high in the mountains. People are trying to find him but since he is moving so much they can't catch him in one spot.
Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman - I recommend this book because it is not too hard to read. I also love this book because I love fairy tales and books that have good endings. If you love books that are romantic or have things in them that are not possible in real life then I would totally recommend this book. It won't take long to read because the more you read you don't want to stop reading it. I never wanted to put it down. This book deserves a 4.5 out of 5 review.
Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan -The book Accomplice is about a girl named Chloe and her best friend Finley. They planed to fake Chloe's kidnapping to get excepted into college easier. In the process many things went wrong and Finley had to make sure they weren't caught.
Alabama Moon by Watt Key -On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give Alabama Moon an 8. I would give it an 8 because sometimes it got a little boring. Most of the book though, was very interesting. When things got boring, right after that part would be a very exciting and an important part of the book. In the beginning, some parts could be scarier for younger readers, but overall it's a good book for a reader who wants something exciting.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a Science Fiction book that takes place on Earth but sudently changes the setting very quickly. The Earth gets blown up by aliens and only Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect surive by going into space. I would rate this book 10 out of 10 because it is a book that I always wanted to keep coming back to. If you like Science and Aliens than this book is for you. I can't recomend this book enough.
The Trail by Meika Hashimoto -I think this book is great because it shows kindness and braveness. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book to everybody.
The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - I highly recommend this novel. It is a beautifully orchestrated piece of literature written in the early 1900's. The writing is very difficult to comprehend at first, but as you read, it is more understandable. This book reflects on the struggles of the modern day, and loss of familiarity. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is prepared to read such a thing.
Freaks by Kiernan Larwood -I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, action, or any kind of books like that. This story is full of touching moments as well, so if you enjoy reading about people who are not like others, and finally find a place where they belong, this book could be for you. I enjoyed this book because not only is it a very sweet story of friendship, but also full of action and exciting events. Again, if any of these elements catch your eye, you should definitely check out Freaks, by Kieran Larwood. My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier - I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books that are unpredictable. This book takes many turns and most of them you would've never thought of. This book was enjoyable because it seems to "paint" a picture in your head of what it was like for people back then during the war. The authors descriptive words also make you imagine what was happening and how the Meeker family felt.
Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielson - I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, creatures, and magic. The book does have some creepy parts so it might not be for little kids. Overall the book was a 5 stars.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - I liked this book because it leaves you on a cliff hanger so you have to read the next book to see what happens. I also like it because there is always something going on and its not boring to read, it has lots of action too.
Cherub the Dealer by Robert Muchamore - Cherub the Dealer is a really good book. it has many great sequels and is an exciting book to read. There were many cliffhangers and other great things for this kind of book. While it may be an easy read, it is still a good book for almost any interest. Is in the restricted section though.
Hyperspace High: Frozen Enemies by Zac Harrison - This is a really great book and good part of the series. If you want to read this book I would suggest reading the first book or else this book may be a bit confusing. If you are into monsters and aliens and a lot of action you should read this book. I would rate this book a 9.5/10 and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.
Notes From the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick - It is a good interesting book. It catches your attention quickly. Once you read the first few pages you can't stop reading.
Game Changers by Mike Lupica - This is about a kid and his family. He plays lots of sports, and there is some suspense.