Teacher/Student Directions

for creating Graduation Project Portfolios

Step 1

Create Drive Folder & Set Sharing on Folder

BEFORE creating the Site, create a Folder in Google Drive & change the share settings for the entire folder to "Anyone with the Link can View"

Anything you add to that folder will then be shared correctly (big time saver!), so be sure to put EVERYTHING that you put on your website to this folder.

This includes docs, slides, sheets, images, videos, pdfs, etc. The sharing settings of the folder will apply to everything in it and ensure that files on your website are visible to anyone.

Also Remember

  • YouTube Videos (if applicable) must be set to "public" or "unlisted"
  • Google My Maps if applicable) must be set to "Public"
  • Calendars (if applicable) must be set to Public

1. Open Google Drive

2. Click 'New' Folder

3. Name the folder "CCR Porffolio"

3. With Folder selected, click Share

4. Click 'Advanced' in lower right corner

5. Select "anyone with the link can view" & save

Step 2

Create the Google Site

1. Click the Google Apps Launcher

2. Click Sites

3. Click "New Google Sites"

4. Change the name of your site to "LastName , FirstName CCR Portfolio" if Doe, John CCR Portfolio

Creating Your CCR Portfolio Site

Your Site will need the following pages, in this order:

  1. Home (Working Resume & Accomplishments)
  2. Career & College Exploration
  3. Writing in English Classes
  4. Writing Across the Curriculum
  5. Yearly Checklists & Evaluations

Step 3

Personalize Your Home/Landing Page

Your Home Page or Landing Page should be personalized to reflect your personality and interests.

This page will also house your working rubric and accomplishments.

This video will give you a few tips for personalizing it. To learn more, see the next page "Google Sites Cheat Sheet."

Step 4

Publish Your Site

Publish Now???

Yes- Students need to publish their sites and submit links in Devil's Den/ Supervised Study so that teachers, admin, etc can monitor their progress. Sites will not be shared publicly until the end of senior year when they are finished.

Follow these directions to publish and submit to the form below.

Video Tutorial- How to Publish Your Site

Step By Step Directions


1. Click 'Publish'

Look for Check mark

2. Click 'Manage'

3. VERIFY your SHARING settings


Click 'change' to edit if needed

Step 5

Submit Your Link to Turn-In form

1. Get URL from published site

Be SURE to get your link from the LINK ICON, NOT the URL bar!!!!!

2. Turn URL into school's Form

Each school will have a separate turn in form to collect their student's Portfolio URL's

Fill in the correct form and then paste your link in where indicated

Step 6

Saving Future Changes to Your Portfolio Website

After adding to or changing your Google Site after it is published, just click the 'publish' button.

After publishing, the Publish button works like a 'Save' Button to update the published site. Changes you make will not show on the live version until you click publish.

Google Drive files (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings) that have been added to the website will update automatically when they are edited in Google Drive. There is no need to add them again after editing!


Do not change your website name OR homepage name after submitting link or it will break your link, resulting in a 404 error!