Yearly Requirements

Freshmen Portfolio Requirements

To ensure pacing and adequate progress each year toward meeting this graduation requirement, students under the direction of their supervising teachers will complete these yearly checklists at near the end of each school year and take steps to correct any missing or inadequate content.

TCS Freshman Portfolio-Check

*Writing across the curriculum is a portfolio requirement in each grade level. This may be in a variety of medias (essay, video, infographic, etc.) that represents communication skills. This evidence must come from a course other than English.

** Evidence of progress toward concentration and graduation as well as career college exploration components can vary. Possible ideas are student reflection, infographic, audit by guidance etc. Anything that requires student awareness and ownership of what they need to do to successfully graduate and achieve their post high school goals is acceptable.

Sophomore Portfolio Requirements

TCS Sophomore Portfolio-Check

Junior Portfolio Requirements

TCS Junior Portfolio-Check

Senior Portfolio Requirements

TCS Senior Portfolio-Check