Career/College Exploration

Freshman Year

1. Begin your working resume and accomplishments - YOUR HOME PAGE

2. Upload Your 4 Year Plan on Career/College Exploration Page

All freshmen should complete a 4 Year Plan with the counselors. They will then receive their plan in an editable Google Doc, which they need to keep in their Google Drive, add to their portfolio, and update each year.

Double click in the blank space on your Career and college Exploration page to bring up the quick edit wheel. Choose the Google Drive Icon

Use the search tool to search for "4 Year Plan"

Select your $ Year Plan and click insert, then size and position the document on your page

Sophomore Year

Career Research Infographic

Sophomores will make a copy of this document then follow the directions on it to take the NC Interest Profiler, conduct career research, and create a career infographic using this guide. They will then add the infographic to their portfolio.

10th Grade Career Research Infographic

Junior Year

Formal Interview

Juniors will take part in a formal interview that aligns with their post high school plans. They may choose from a job interview or college/scholarship interview. Interviews will be assessed by a panel using the following rubric.

TCS Formal Interview Rubric

Senior Year

5 Year Plan & Reality Check

Seniors will complete the Reality Check activity from NC Careers, and then use those results to develop a 5 year plan. Each student should edit his or her own copy of the document below and use it as a guide.

TCS 5-Year Plan Template

Presentation and Visual Aid Expectations

Seniors will also deliver a formal presentation of their Career & College Readiness Portfolio to a group of school and community members. The document below details the expectations for the presentation and the visual aid.

Presentations will be assessed by a panel comprised of school and community members and using the rubrics provided on the Evaluation Rubrics Page.

TCS Presentation & Visual Aid Expectations