Cheryl Goins

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About Me


  • Phone: 884-2091
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Degrees & Certifications:

  • 14 years teaching in Transylvania County
  • Western Carolina University - Bachelors Degree (K6)
  • Gardner Webb University - Masters Degree
  • National Board Certified
Beach Gardner
Beach Time! Best time to read a book:)

Educator Bio

What is better than reading while sitting on the beach with your toes in the sand and the waves tickling your feet? Nothing...but a close second is sitting in our classroom at Brevard Middle School so engaged in our reading that we believe we are at the beach and we can feel the sand between our toes!

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Our Schedule

  • Block 1 Electives
  • Block 2 SS/Math
  • Block 3 SS/Math
  • Lunch
  • BDT - Blue Devil Time
  • Block 4 Science/ELA
  • Block 5 Science/ELA
  • Block 6 Elective

Weekly Starter Slides

Week 1 - BMS