Backup Solutions

Save Your Data!

How big a problem would it be for your business if your data was lost or corrupted?

What if you couldn't access your documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, calendar, customer data base, etc.?

Do you have a plan to save your data in case of power loss, mechanical failure, an employee leaving or your files being hacked?

At TCR, we can help you come up with a plan that will keep your data

safe and accessible.

We suggest the "3-2-1 Rule" : 3 copies, 2 different formats, 1 copy off-site.

Besides saving your data on the machine where it was created,

there are several options you can choose from.

Google Drive: Save your data to the cloud. Five million businesses trust Googles' security and storage capacity for their data. This would be an example of an off-site option

Datto Drive: Enterprise file synchronization and sharing services

Backupify: The leading provider of cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for SaaS applications.

Novastor (NovaBACKUP): This is an on-site method of saving a copy of your data.

Call on TCR to help you make a plan to keep your data safe.

Why Use TCR Solutions?

The reasoning behind a Dealer Network for any Software Provider is that Dealer/Integrators better understand the products they represent and specialize in their integration and use. An analogy would be that I go to the dentist when I have a toothache rather drilling the tooth myself.

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