Ed Tech Hero Digital Breakout

Help TCEA honor the technology staffs that serve school districts. Join us in celebrating the third annual Educational Technology Appreciation Day on December 5th, 2018.

Follow the celebration at #tceahero.

The word on the street is Super Villain Rob Bandwidth is trying to crash the school district's network with the Goo-Gone-Ultron virus. As a Ed Tech Hero, you have 45 minutes to solve this breakout and obtain access to the password protected PIX.

If you are new to a digital breakout, use the text, images, and hidden puzzles to solve the 5 locks.

Every school district has Ed Tech Heroes. Some provide technical support, which keep the network and digital devices up and running. Other heroes provide instructional support for the teachers.

Wifi Wanda and Ned Network nearly had a nervous breakdown when they went into the high school's network closet. Now look at the closet! Isn't it a beautiful sight to behold?

A technician's day is full of solving problems.

Tasks Tackled by the Technical Support:

  • Inventory all the technology
  • Install applications on computers and tablets
  • Make sure the network is secure from hackers.
  • Install WiFi access points
  • Make sure classrooms have a projection system
  • Install and program network switches
  • Make sure district phone system is operational
  • Analyze student and financial data

While technicians are solving technical problems, Digital Coaches' responsibilities are as wide open as Amazon: they range from A to Z. This requires them to attend conferences such as the TCEA Campus Technology Specialists Academy to keep up with the latest technology and professional development strategies.

Duties Designed for Digital Coaches:

  • Provide professional development on:
    • Utility software
    • Instructional software
    • Ways to use technology in instruction
  • Evaluate new Apps and software
  • Analyze student data
  • Provide log-in and password support
  • Evaluating user agreements

There were numerous, engaging activities at the 3rd annual TCEA CTS Academy. Mark your calendars for the next November event in 2019.

Created by: Jennifer Bergland and Peggy Reimers

Please email jbergland@tcea.org or preimers@tcea.org for questions, comments, or hints.

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