My name is Kit Rickard and I am an ESRC-funded PhD Candidate at the Political Science Department, University College London (UCL).

My doctoral study focuses on how external states affect civil wars, with a specific focus on how diverging forms of external support shape conflict dynamics. The central question in my research is what role do external states play in shaping the relations between warring parties in multi-actor civil wars? To answer this, I develop a theoretical argument within the organisational and delegation theoretical framework to better understand (1) how external states delegate to rebel groups (2) the incentives for external states to provide different types of support and (3) how different forms of support induce a cooperative or competitive environment among rebels. To test these relationships, I use mixed methods, including large-N multi-layer network analysis and process tracing.

More broadly, I am interested in war history, civil wars, counterinsurgency, EU foreign policy, conflict resolution, Northern Ireland, and international development policy.

I am a member of the Conflict & Change Research Cluster which brings together scholars in UCL and beyond to analyse the causes, dynamics, and consequences of political conflicts. I am also Secretary-Elect and Council Member of the Conflict Research Society (CRS).