Me, Myself, and i.

DPhil student at Oxford, researching (un)decidability in field arithmetic and geometry. Also interested in the theory & practise of effective, constructively aligned teaching. Proficient in LaTeX, Python, and C++.

My name is Brian Tyrrell; I'm a final year PhD student in the Logic Group at the University of Oxford. I have a broad interest in Model Theory, Number Theory, and Algebraic Geometry; particularly in decidability and definability questions that arise in number theory with a geometric influence.

I have completed an MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science at Oxford, during which I also focused on category-theoretic research that can be applied to natural language processing and language translation. Before this, I was awarded a BA (Mod) in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

I am deeply interested in teaching, outreach and education, and am keen to make mathematics a more approachable and friendly subject for all. At Oxford I teach and interact regularly with undergraduates and master's students, and when in Ireland I teach Game Theory and various short mathematics courses at the Centre for Talented Youth in Dublin City University. I have completed the Advanced Teaching & Learning Programme at Oxford, making me Associate Fellow of the HEA.

See my Departmental Webpage.