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The Path To Success

By Miranda Brunn

In August of 2017, Childersburg unveiled it’s brand new stadium. One welcome accessory of this stadium was to be a lighted, concrete path leading from the school’s parking lot to the field, for the fans’ convenience. To much dismay, this has never been completed. Ally H., Childersburg tax-payer, puzzles, “Did my tax increase pay for half of an unfinished walkway?”

Students and citizens questioned what would become of the wasted concrete. August 16th, 2018, they received their answer, when a new path, a few yards from the unfinished one, was constructed. Although this seems odd, there is quite a bit of reasoning behind this decision. The TCBOE Board of Maintenance opted to pave a new walkway when they discovered wetlands blocking the path of the original trail. Topographers did not discover the marsh until the construction of the passage was already under way. Building on these wetlands would not only disrupt wildlife, but become a federal offense. Managed by the US Army Corps’ Engineers, a permit is needed in order to start construction. However, construction on marsh land can prove to be difficult due to the amount of excess water and unstable ground.

Not only have the wetlands disrupted the production of a trail, but the beloved stadium as well. In the original blueprint, the stadium was planned closer to the high school. However, the environment demanded it be advanced farther South, lengthening the trail. In order to continue with the original trail, an expensive wooden walkway would be needed. Although the paving of a path was included in the stadium’s massive $7,500,000 production cost, a wooden pathway would push the project slightly over budget. Board of Maintenance member, Kelvin Cunningham, claimed “It was simply cheaper to build a new path.” Due to this inconvenience, production was halted in order for budget adjustments to be made.

Despite the prolonged wait, students, such as Trae Hosey, a CHS Senior, are still thankful. Trae laughed while recalling, “I ran on the path before it was finished and lost my shoe in the mud.” Although many students and faculty members are appreciative of this new addition, some residents are apprehensive. Childersburg native, Cady Tarwater, is wary about this new extension. She claims, “As a woman, I will not be comfortable walking through those woods because it looks like a good place to get mugged.” Even though there is lighting along the path, according to Assistant Principal, Mrs. Brown, during events one officer will permanently patrol the walkway, as well as the school parking lot, ensuring everyone's safety.

Though several questions remain, following a lengthy period of anxious waiting, a newly erected walkway snakes through the woods, eagerly awaiting fans.

Student Leadership Team Takes A Stand

By Jenna Warlick

Just a few weeks into the 2018-2019 school year and our Student Leadership Team has already started to take a stand against bullying. They have prepared themselves to combat this issue early in the year so that they can stop it before the school year truly starts. The anti-bully campaign has our SLT excited to show what they are going to accomplish.

Christian Guerrero mentioned the “Take What You Need” board and explained that it is a bulletin board full of sticky notes that students can take off, if they are in need of encouragement. Guerrero is a senior here at CHS and discussed that we need a change, “We had a student report bullying and we want to stop it before it gets carried on further.” The Student Leadership Team has created several ways to reach out to those getting bullied or students with concerns.

The “Take What You Need” board is a great way for daily motivation, but what about for the long term? Our Student Leadership Team is creating a Dropbox for students to put in little notes that they need to share with someone. The Dropbox will be in a vacant locker and open for all students to use. If a student is having an issue in school, the Dropbox will allow the SLT and administrators to help the person dealing with an issue. This essentially allows students to submit their problems without other students knowing.

Another aspect to this campaign is that the SLT has obtained pictures and stories of other students that have taken their lives, due to bullying. These pictures will be plastered all over the school with no information other than the person’s name and picture. The SLT encourages students to look up the names and explore their stories.

Our principal, Dr. Lee, presented this issue to the Student Leadership Team because he feels that it should become more student-led. Yes, our administration is going to handle bullying when it happens, but they believe our SLT will have more of a lasting impact on students. He also believes that our students can spread positive messages through this campaign. “Its giving the students a chance to have a voice on campus and show leadership,” Dr. Lee says. Our SLT is very important to our student body; sending out positive messages and setting an example for all students to follow.

Mrs. Brown also commented on this call to action by the SLT. She brings up the fact that students on the Student Leadership Team are going to be proactive rather than reactive. Our student leaders realize that they must find a solution, rather than just punishing those who are participating in bullying. Our SLT is working out ways to help everyone in the school realize that they play an important role. We never want a student to feel inferior because of a mean comment made by a peer.

While this campaign is about stopping bullying, it also allows other students to step up to a leadership role. Our Student Leadership Team is working hard to come up with creative ways to stop bullying, but they won’t always be there to stop it. This is a call for every student to stand up for someone else and shutdown bullying, which we can do together.