Empowering Leaders to Transform Teaching and Learning!

Mark your calendars for #WIREDTC 2020 - August 10, 2020 in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan!

Your favorite northern Michigan conference is back with a laser sharp focus on innovative teaching and learning! #WIREDTC is a fun and engaging professional development experience that will deepen your practice and leave you inspired and energized to start the new school year. We invite you to join us as we rethink traditional classroom approaches and prepare students to drive their own learning.

Wait a second...isn't this a tech conference?

Yes...but it's more than that.

#WIREDTC is for sure a tech conference, but frankly it's MORE than that! We feel strongly that technology integration is best when teachers and educational leaders focus on strong pedagogy first and use tech when it makes sense. We will always advocate for what's best for kids. With standards from ISTE and AASL and state competencies from MITECS at the core, WIREDTC 5.0 is proud to bring you both Spark Sessions and Intensive Workshops that will guide you in transforming teaching and learning.

Teachers don't teach "just tech". It's all connected. It's about time we reflected that.

We are excited to have you join us in this journey.

This opportunity is organized by Traverse City Area Public Schools EdTech Team and Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District, but we welcome educators from across Michigan and beyond to join us at #WIREDTC. SCECHs will be available.

Conference 2020 Keynote: TO BE ANNOUNCED