Hello Everyone, Registration is a multi-step process!

Instructions for STEP 1: REGISTER and CHOOSE your ticket for Unvention.

A) Fill out our ticket form to register for the Unvention. You will pick one of the ticket types. The ticket types are as follows:

    • Voting Delegate, these include: Collegiate Chapter, Alumni Chapter, Advisor, and Association Officials. Your voting delegate has been designated by your chapter, please log into the chapter reporting system, click other reports and select Convention Credentials if you have changed your voting delegate or are unsure who was designated as the voting delegate from your chapter!

    • TBP Member Attendee, any member of TBP that was not designated as a voting delegate, this would be chapter officers, collegiate members, and alumni! Alumni, if you are not part of an Alumni Chapter select your initiating chapter.

    • Non-Member Attendee, these includes current candidates, petitioning society student, petitioning society advisor, petition society alumni, HQ staff, and any guests!

B) Click Submit

STEP 1: REGISTER and choose your ticket for Unvention.

Instructions for STEP 2: DOWNLOAD the APP or use Web App.

A) Click on the appropriate icon in the image for your operating system. The Desktop version is called "Web App" We do note, the APPS have announcements that can be enabled to get up to the minute information and have additional integrations for communication.

STEP 2: DOWNLOAD the phone APP or use Desktop version, called "Web App"

Instructions for STEP 3: WHILE using Whova add your events to a personal agenda!

This information also appears in the Whova Event App User Tutorial below!

Please see the Whova Attendee User Guide and the Whova Speaker Guide for additional information!

STEP 3: WHILE using Whova add your events to a personal agenda!


  • Session Search

Whova lists all the sessions on each event day, You can search an individual session by keywords, including a session title, room, and a speaker name.

  • Personal Schedule in “My Agenda”

The session includes all the details like overview, handouts, speaker profiles, etc. You can add the session into your own personal agenda and set a reminder. All the sessions you saved are in My Agenda.