Remote Art Assignments

Greetings my fabulous artists.

This website is intended to give you options for the work you will be doing with the supplies you have on hand. I know you likely have limited materials, but you should be able to create at least one of the options with what you have. I know that this may be hard, but I have faith in you. We have been working towards thinking, behaving, and working like artists all year. Please do your best and let me know how I can help.

Now, let's make some art!

Mrs. B

Click on the image below to get to that particular page. :)


This page will let you know what is expected from you in order to earn your passing grade for the final marking period.


This page will give you the choices you have for your art making during our "coronacation". Each choice page will have more information about that particular choice.


Here you will find information about reflecting on the artwork you created this week.