"Whāia te Mātauranga -Reach for the Highest Peak"

Welcome to Tauhara Primary School

"Whāia te Mātauranga - Reach for the Highest Peak"

Tauhara Primary School is situated on the corner of Crown Road and Taharepa Road in Taupō. We have 10 classroom teachers and two Specialist teachers who provide extra Maths and Specialist Education support for our students. We also have a Social Worker in Schools to support our students at home and at school.

At Tauhara we pride ourselves on working together in partnership with our parents and families, to provide quality education for our children in a caring and stimulating environment. We have a dedicated Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association who fully support the school. We acknowledge the support of Advance Church who have partnered with us as a school community. We have a wonderful team of volunteers who provide Breakfast Club each day to our students and staff.

Our passionate staff are Apple Certified and work alongside children to encourage them to develop their potential. We also have wonderful Apple Certified teacher-aides who support learning in the classrooms.

Our students each have their own iPad device and will make full use of Apple Applications to support an integrated learning programme. All students are part of the Mathletic and Reading online programmes to accelerate Mathematic and Literacy programmes.

We offer weekly Science programmes for all classes in collaboration with House of Science based in Rotorua.

Our Senior Student programmes include: EPRO 8 Digital Technology, Leadership Programmes – including National Youth Leadership conference and School Camp

Tauhara Primary uses See-Saw to record student daily learning programme. We encourage our parents to dialogue with their child and teacher using See-Saw

Our Year 1 and 2 programme includes Play Based Learning as part of their transition from Early Childhood education and entry into Primary schooling

Our students enjoy daily Lunch Time organised Sport provided by Youth Town and participate in school and interschool sporting activities.

We are an Enviro School and are working with our community to develop our Tauhara Orchard and Garden

We offer a whānau orientated schooling experience for your child. We invite you to be part of our Tauhara Whānau.