Welcome to the NTMS RCA House System website! The RCA House System began at NTMS in July 2020. Students spin the wheel and are sorted into houses and will remain with that house throughout their time at NTMS! We offer 4 houses which are: Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, and Reveur. Students can earn points in our RCA App. Students can receive points from any staff member at NTMS based on being Productive Respectful Involved and Dependable (PRIDE). Other examples of ways students can earn points include: House Day Competitions, Field Day Competitions, Honor Roll, or Achievement Roll. All parents will receive information at the beginning of the year with a unique code that will give them access to the RCA App. Be sure to explore our house system website for more information! Navigation is located on the left side of your screen with a complete menu, as well as, below. 

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