12 Grade Communication

AP Literature

Ms. Stuckey

1st Period

Aug. 19 (Mon.)

  1. Fishbowl Discussion Ethan Frome & The Mayor of Casterbridge - Summer Novels

Aug. 20 (Tues.)

  1. Read and Annotate HLWE - Short Story

Aug. 21 (Wed.)

  1. Review HLWE - Short Story Questions

Aug. 22 (Thurs.)

  1. Fishbowl Discussion HLWE - Short Story

Aug. 23 (Fri.)

  1. Notes: SYNTAX & OPEN ENDED Questions
  2. Revise summer writing assignments.

NOTE: Turn in summer novels when you finish your revisions.

Senior Literature

Mr. Houser

Aug. 19-23

Mon- Senior Goals essay revision and Introductions and Conclusions

Tuesday - Senior Goals essay revision

Wed- Autobiography Essay

Thursday- Autobiography Essay

Friday- Autobiography Essay


Mrs. Hill

3rd & 4th Periods

August 19 - 23, 2019

Monday - Right Triangle Trig - SOHCAHTOA Review

Tuesday - Right Triangle Trig - SOHCAHTOA Review

Wednesday - Right Triangle Trig - Identify trig functions given a point on the terminal side

Thursday - Right Triangle Trig - Identify trig functions given a point on the terminal side

Friday -Right Triangle Trig - SOHCAHTOA/Identify trig functions given a point on the terminal side - Quiz

PreCal Remind

Text @hillprecal to 81010

Honors Calculus

Mrs. Oliver

2nd Period

Join Mrs. Oliver's Remind: Text "@senioryr" to 81010

Week of August 19

Monday - Graphing Rational Functions - Standard Form

Tuesday - Graphing Rational Functions - MM & JLo

Wednesday - Graphing Rational Functions - JLo & Dolly

Thursday - Review Graphing all Rational Functions

Friday - Quiz/Turn in Remediation Sheet

Reminder: All cell phones and smart watches will be placed in your book bag on Quiz/Test days and will not be accessible until the end of the period. Also, no students will be allowed to leave the classroom unless requested from the office.


Mr. Richardson

2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th

Aug 19 - 23, 2019

  • Monday - Lesson 1.6 Intro

"Final Grade Average"

  • Tuesday - Lesson 1.6 Review

"Final Grade Average"

  • Wednesday - Lesson 1.7 Intro

"Slugging Averages"

  • Thursday - Lesson 1.7 Review

"Slugging Averages" & Practice Quiz

  • Friday - QUIZ

Human Anatomy

Ms. Bussell

1st & 5th Periods

Remind Code: @anatbuss

to 81010


August 19-23

  • Monday - Body Cavity QUIZ; Work on Chap 1 LAB; Work on Study Guide

  • Tuesday - Chapter 1 TEST

  • Wednesday - Chap 3 materials; PPT: Epithelial Tissue; Create concept map; Chap 1 Lab due

  • Thursday - Finish PPT and concept maps

  • Friday - LAB #6: Epithelial Tissues


  • Next TEST: Chapter 1 - Tue, Aug 20

Honors Physics

Mrs. Helms

3rd Period

August 19-23

*Monday- QUIZ #1 Make ups; SI prefix conversions, dimensional analysis

*Tuesday- Scientific Notation; Recognizing significant figures

*Wednesday- Quiz #2; Recognizing significant figures; Calculations with significant figures

*Thursday- Calculations with significant figures

*Friday-Quiz #3; Accuracy and Precision; Percent error

Join Remind: Text helmshp19 to 81010


Mr. Durrence

Week of 8/19-23

Monday: Government roles in the US economy

Tuesday: Review of Unit 1 (Group instruction of concepts/ideas)

Wednesday: Review of Unit 1 (small group instruction of concepts/ideas)

Thursday: Teacher led review of Unit 1 of material not covered by peer instruction

Friday: Unit 1 Test

Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Foreman

Welcome to your Senior Year!

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Thanks to everyone that completed YouScience by August 15th! For those that have not please do so as soon as possible.

Visit link below for instructions on how to complete the assessment.


Work Based Learning

Mrs. Page

August 19-23

Sign up for Remind:

1st Year Students text @wbltchs1 to 81010

2nd Year Students text @wbltchs2 to 81010

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  • August Monthly Assignment due August 30
  • August Time Sheet and paycheck stubs are due September 10


Mrs. Toni Canady