T4L projects - empowering people and inspiring communities to achieve!

Being part of T4L

Our ethos is to help people. We would like to encourage people and help them in achieving their goals.

Trough these hostile time we have difficulty in delivering many projects that are proposed to us.

We would love to take on board an volunteers and other ways like crowdfunding ideas and

please contact us to see how you could help someone in need!

Chitchat cafe'

Our Chitchat Cafe' is open Monday to Friday and is open to anyone. We offer a safe place offering food, activities and support. It is an ideal place for respite and sitting services or even just coffee morning meet ups.

Please click here for a full list of our services. Or contact Giovanni

Young carers

Monday to Thursday evening we offer a unique respite solution where both young carers and the cared person build vital skills, enjoy a variety of activities and social in a safe environment.

Please contact us for further information

Steppin' out

Helping vulnerable groups in the delicate and problematic transition from supported and institutionalized living into independent living.

Please contact us for all the services we offer a personalized approach with a complete wraparound provision.

Fitness and well-being

We have a fully equipped gym and large sports hall, complemented by a health and well-being area. We have orientated our services to people who do not feel too confident. Our collaborators as our clients have had similar experiences but now want to share their success and help others through these hard moments. Contact us to see how we can help.

Shed Time

Social Prescribing ask your GP

Training courses

We have a variety of free courses for participants. They can learn transferable skills and knowledge on becoming self-employed.

Community APPS

Local students have started a APP dedicated cyber lounge where like minded people work together to build APPs that will help the local community. They cover a complete range of topics concentrated on the health and well-being, home and online safety, education and anything that will help people. If you are interested in an APP service or want to join us, please contact us.

MUsic Maestro

Gourmet Girls

An online multi-ethnic deli of authentic dishes freshly prepared by ladies from different nationalities with a common passion for healthy food.

We also offer work experience and training for anyone wishing to start a career in the catering industry. Find out more by contacting us.

Gio's Italian

This is where it all started. After living in Italy for 25 years and working as a chef I really wanted my own little restaurant and I found this opportunity in the UK. Not only do we serve fresh homemade Italian food, we also have the same family ethos that restaurants have back in Italy, a place for locals to meet and socialize. Not only this but we started to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people learn skills and achieve, This has led onto the opening of Taste For Life.

Pizza making school

Our role is to better our local community and one of keeping kids safe and through our pizza training school we want to offer a way to keepyoung people focused, out of danger and offer them a realistic opportunity to set up a pizza business. Contact Giovanni for further information