Tarrey Technical Consulting Services.

Welcome to our consulting site. You have reached us by word of mouth as we are a group of IT professionals that work locally in the trie state area. We welcome you and ask that you look around. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are a small group of information technology professionals that work with healthcare professionals to ensure that they stream line their IT infrastructure and comply with all of the regulatory requirements such as HIT and HIPAA. We invite your challenges as we specialize in networking, network security, server and desktop infrastructure. We are a go between your software vendors and you. We can manage your IT challenges and let you focus on what matters to you.

I'm sure you have questions and we are here to help you with affordable contracts , comprehensive services and partnership with other IT groups that allow us to use synergies to help provide you with maximum IT leverage. Our goal is to let the technology work for you and not the other way around.

Feel free to scroll through our pages to learn more about us.

Founded in 2009, Tarrey Abowizzedine developed a Technical Consulting firm to manage the needs of Physcians that were in need of technical assistance. This especially came to life when the EMR and digital patient records came about. Not only did patient records , images and billing need to be automated, but a retention policy had to be in place as well as security measures as to not compromise the privacy of the patient. Tarrey, a CCNA, MCP, Visual basic , Java and C programmer brought technology and clinical needs together. The gap needed to be bridged and physcians were not looking for pure IT professionals but professionals that understood patient care and patient care workflows. Tarrey also adopted project management to bring on methodical project management with complex forecasting , project statuses and formal assignments . Tarrey has executed over 100 projects and supported over 60 physician practices.

We love LINUX , for a solid back bone that almost never dies bring LINUX to your office!

Solid networking starts with the top of the line vendors that bring redundancy , security and performance to your network. Cisco routers, switches and firewalls are what your business needs to be stay at the edge of technology.

We support Microsoft OS for servers , desktops and virtualization. We also support SQL and ACCESS. Microsoft is todays most used business platform. We support it and ensure uptime.

For security software, we use Norton and we find that so far Norton has been the most stable, secure AntiVirus out there.