Virtual Classes

Getting Started

If you already have an account with us, make sure your email address is correct and that you have opted in to receive emails from us.

If age is not specified, the class is open to all ages.

3. You will receive an email with a Zoom link to join the class before class start time.

When it is time for your class, follow the link you received by email. Link should arrive about 60 minutes before class start time.

***NOTE: Reserving for other clients option doesn't work with online classes. Please either sign yourself up or log in from a different account to sign up someone else. If you sign up for someone else through your account, the link won't make it to your email.

Didn't get a link and class is about to start? Having problems?


How to make sure you get the link to join class?

Check your promotional and spam folders in your email. If you can't find them, email us and we might be able to send you the link before class time starts.

If we weren't able to email you the link on time, we will credit your account so you can use your payment toward another class.

How to avoid not having the link?

1. Make sure your account and/or your child's account have the a correct email assigned to it. Please don't reserve a class for your child from your account. Instead sign yourself up, or log in from your child's account.

2. Add "" and "" as a contact and/or create a filter so that your Zoom access links always arrive in your inbox, and are never marked as spam.

Some classes don't mention age, who is it for?

If class doesn't specify an age, then all ages are welcome to join!

How far in advance do I have to sign up?

To ensure you can make it into class, please register at-least 30 minutes prior to class start time. You will receive a link to your email at least 60 minute before class time. If you did not receive a link 10 minutes before class time, please make sure to check your Spam and Promotions folders. If you can't find it there, please email us.

Why are classes sliding scale?

Our intention is to make the classes affordable and accessible to all during Covid19 shelter-in-place. We want everyone to be active and healthy! Please pay what you can. Paying higher on the sliding scale helps us to cover the teacher's cost and our overhead expenses. Currently rates are $7-40 sliding scale. If this is still a financial burden for you and you would like to attend, please contact us.

Can I suspend my membership and pay by sliding scale for now?

Yes, email us at and we will suspend your membership at no charge until our doors reopen to in-studio classes. If we don't hear from you, your membership will remain active and will be applied as your form of payment for online classes.

I want to pay by sliding scale, but when signing up for class, it automatically charges my existing membership/package.

If you have an existing active membership and the system will not give you the option to pay sliding scale, then please pay here for sliding scale rates, register for class, and then email us to let us know that you want to use the sliding scale payment option instead of your package/membership.

Can I buy a bunch of sliding scale virtual classes at once?

Yes, click here, select the sliding scale rate, and then you can select the quantity of classes you wish to purchase.

Can I cancel after after I signed up for a class?

If you can no longer attend class, you can remove yourself from the roster 30 minutes before the class start time through your account with us. You will be able to use your payment toward future classes. Need to cancel last minute? Email us.

Will the schedule be the same every week?

More or less, we might change classes as we go. We recommend you check our website for the most updated information. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates about the schedule.

How can I donate to Athletic Playground?

Click here to donate any amount! Thank you <3! Your support is greatly appreciated to keep our business afloat during this challenging time.

How can I contact you?


Contact us at


All times are California time.

You can also join our Facebook Group to connect with others at Athletic Playground. You can share with us how you are moving/training when you are not able to come to the Playground.

Donate directly to Athletic Playground to help cover overhead expenses while AP is closed.