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2019-2020 School Year

Weekly Newsletter:

Updated September 15th, 2019


Susan Matos:

We are starting our memoir reading and writing unit this week. Students will learn to use literary signposts to more deeply understand characters, conflict and theme in stories. They will also write their own story - a short memoir about a small moment in their own lives.


Ellen Flores:

Last week: Students reviewed math expectations and set up their binders and journals.

This week:

Math 8: Students will start the year learning about the real number system, squares and square roots, cubes and cubed roots, and how to estimate irrational numbers.

Algebra 9: Students will begin with the building blocks of algebra. This unit revolves around the concept of equivalency. We will review the real number properties and use them to justify equivalency amongst algebraic expressions.


David Raham:

Welcome back! This year in science, eighth graders will be learning about Earth and Space Science. We will start off the year with the Astronomy, examining the origins of the Universe and Solar System.

Social Studies

Maggie OBrien Marino:

Last week: Please see parent portal to see your child's progress in Social Studies class. Students received two grades last week and they also had a binder check. Students are able earn 4 points per day for their HOW grade, these are entered weekly. HOW grades are based of PIRR:

Perseverance: I can work my hardest and never give up.

Integrity: I can produce quality work that I am proud of.

Respect: I can follow the norms of the school, honoring the rules and expectations in all settings.

Responsibility: I can come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn.

9/16-9/20: The students will dive into our first unit this week; Reconstruction and Civil Rights. They will receive their unit note sheet, this is a perfect study guide for all of the work that is given in the unit.

HW this week:

Civil War Cross Word. Date Assigned: Friday 9/13, Date Due: Monday 9/16

Unit 1 Frayer: Date Assigned : Tuesday 9/17, Date Due: Wednesday 9/18.


Jessica Hills:


We are in the full swing of things! Chapter one is underway and we are learning all about how to describe ourselves and others in Spanish. There is a vocabulary discovery packet that is due Monday 9/16. Please encourage your kiddo to turn this in for full credit!

I am available for extra help on Wednesday morning and afternoons! Students set up Quizlet accounts that they can access from google classroom in order to practice also, making flash cards on index cards is very helpful! Please have kids take a pack from class to create these from their reference sheets.

Let's hav a great week! ¡Adíos!

Special Education

Danielle Smerda:

This will be our first full week in Resource Room! This week, we will be focusing on foundational mathematical skills. These skills include combining like terms, solving one-step equations, and solving single-step word problems. During the second half of the week, we will discuss strategies to improve our reading comprehension, as well as review the Tough Questions signpost.


Jessica Mascle

I am so excited to start a health program here at Tapestry Middle School! I will be combining my passion for health with my skill of teaching and bringing the students an opportunity to examine their lives through the lens of health and safety. Please contact me anytime and check out the Wellness Update in the newsletter every month.